The Seven Innerwealth Steps to Improving Your Life

stairsEvery so often I come across articles that I really like and want to share, but I don’t want to move the whole article to my site. So I decided to start the article here and then give you the link to the original site.

Learn to live and love in harmony with nature, be impecable and forever remembered. Chris explains his seven innerwealth steps very clearly and offers a different perspective from the norm on how to make changes in our lives.

After reading his article, I was thinking of how nicely Reboot Tapping can be combined with his ideas to let go of all the baggage we carry along and often don’t know how to just release.

Following the laws of nature and being congruent has been a reoccurring theme in the last few weeks for me. It has been so strong that I just had to share.

Here are the Seven Innerwealth Steps to Deeper, More Loving Relationships

A man may work, but work is not the man. A woman may work, but that is not the woman. What we do, who we birth, what we give or what we take are not the measure of a life, because there are many who do, and give and care who shall never be remembered for anything good or worthwhile.

Read the rest of the article at Chris’ Innerwealth Blog



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