Chakras and Prosperity and Success

As an energy worker I am familiar with the energy centers called Chakras and the energy meridians of acupuncture. We have reached a point when many see the benefit of working with energy through various modalities. By understanding how the energies are affecting us we can work with them to make changes in our lives that will have long lasting effects.

I just came across this very interesting video by Carol Tuttle about how the influence of the Chakras is changing and how we can use this in our daily personal and business life to become successful.

If your are not familiar with the Chakras, here is list of the main 7 Chakras.

The Chakras

The Chakras

1st – root – red – Security – I have
2nd – sacral – orange – Sexuality/Creativity – I feel
3rd – solar – yellow – Personal Power – I can
4th – heart – green – Love – All is well
5th – throat – blue – Expression – I speak
6th – third eye – indigo – Intuitiveness – I see
7th – crown – purple – Enlightenment – I know

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