Not Happy Where You’re At? – Change the Channel

I am working hard at moving the content from my old site to my new site and at the same time split it into several sites. Today I was drawn to move this postcard from my old inspiration section to here. The thing that struck with is that it follows nicely the latest blog post I added to the tapping site: change your thinking – change your life.It is basically the same idea, but uses a different way to achieve it. Regardless of the way you approach the subject, alway remember that you are in charge. You are the creator and the experiencer, and by focusing on what you want, rather on what you don’t want you are attracting the desired outcome. I explained it to my kids that living your life is like driving a car. You look ahead of where you want to go, not where you come from or where you are and the car will get you there.

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font-play – square shooter mono

Email me if you want to buy the physical postcard.
It is only $1 plus postage to snail mail it to you.



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