Compilation Entities: The Unity of a Complexity



24/01 2007
I came across this article in 2007 at and found this particular article is quite relevant at this time.Another Transmission from The Reconnections…….

“Compilation Entities: The Unity of a Complexity”

My Dear Friends:
We continue now our discussion of your essence as a Hermetic Oneself, or what has been called a “Neo-Shaman.” This new and powerful “species” of individual is the next design template for humanity, as you are shifting and transforming, in preparation for your collective leap through 4D and beyond.

You are so much more than you think you are. As a fragment of All That Is, you already contain, within yourself, representational symbols that span many levels of vibration. Even within the compressed, limitation form seen reflected in your bathroom mirror, you are are still complete; though that image is abbreviated. You might call what you see in that mirror a “scale model” of the Multiverse compacted onto the physical plane.

Types of Compilations:
1. Inner Male Personas
2. Inner Female Personas
3. Deities and Archetypes
4. Ethnic and Racial Variances
5. Socio-Economic Types and Stations
6. Animals
7. Vegetables
8. Daimons (Demons and Guides)
9. Devas, Elves, Leprechauns
10. Minerals
11. Planets, Stars, Galaxies
12. Angels
13. Many, many more…….

Your existence as what we have called a COMPILATION ENTITY can be seen and appreciated through at least three distinct “grids” or lenses.

Grid One:To view each person, place, or situation around you as a representation of some lifetime you are living, or some essence you embody at another level of vibration.In that universe, you do not have a separate body from this person, object, or place .You are living your life as this person, object, or place.

Grid Two:To realize that this present, Reconnection Universe is merely a “family reunion” of all your alternative selves and personal essences.Here, you occupy a “separate body,” which serves as a focusing tool, through which you can examine and experience those alternative “selves” and “essences” from a somewhat dissociated position.You can even interact with them, as though you and they are someone or something else.You are not.
Grid Three:As the ongoing encounter of your various lifetimes begins taking shape in this, your Reconnection Universe, you no longer need to be separate from them, in a body of your own.The blending of their energy together, or with your separate persona will eventually cause you to vanish from sight and mind.Once you lived in the world.Now you live as the world.You are everywhere, and in everything.You are no longer just a heart.Now you are an entire torso.You are still a heart–but now you are also much, much, more– lungs, the ribs, the stomach, and so on.As your consciousness continues to expand, you become a whole body, and then a whole community of bodies, and you go on from there.
This material is similar in nature to”The Three Levels of Fragmentation.” It is designed to give you additional perceptual tools, so that you can experience yet another level of seeing life from the viewpoint of the Expanded Self.

“If the doors of perception be cleansed, everything would appear as it is………infinite.”
—William Blake

Compilation:(Definition)”…………To gather together that which has been scattered, or pulled apart.”

The “you” that exists in this Reconnection Universe has definitely been scattered, allacross time and eternity.You have journeyed high and journeyed low, and now you have chosen to bring the best and most memorable of your lessons here, so that you can collate these sensory experiences and insights, and make them available to the Oneness of All That Is.It is a movie, entitled “The Best of ME, the Rest of ME.”

Many of you may remember an old-time TV Show, which was called “This Is Your Life.”In that show, a certain person was selected as a “subject,” and an entire show was devoted to remembering the highlights of that person’s life. A narrator would outline this history, in a story format, and the program would usually include pictures, testimonials, and visits from significant people in that life–from childhood on up to the present moment.

My Dear Friends, this is exactly what a Reconnection Lifetime is like.However, instead of exploring just one life, you are compiling materials that summarize and represent many lifetimes–each of which you have lived.In a sense, you could refer to this present lifetime as your own program called: “These Are Your Lives.”

There are a vast number of “Reconnections Universes” available–dealing with many themes, or areas of interest.Your life here and now is one of them. In a sense, you could say that WE are playing the part of your “Narrator”– assisting you in a process of remembering and integrating everything you are into a meaningful Whole.

Once a soul enters its Reconnection Universe, the usual issues of envy or jealousy become moot.So does the issue of karma.After all, if each individual or situation seen around you is truly a fragment of SELF, brought here for your inspection and edification, why would anyone need to worry or fret?And who would there be to punish or be punished by, ever again?

This is, indeed, a powerful concept.Before you read further, you may want to circle around and go through this last part again.Separation is but an illusion.This world that you know is basically a “movie screen,” on which you are creating and projecting various “home movies,” showcasing many of the essences and situations which you have explored, or will be exploring at other levels of vibration.As your interests change, your choice of movies and characters can change too.However, the audience always remains the same–yesterday, today, and forever.Quite a mystery, is it not?

In each of the alternative lifetimes, mentioned above, you didn’t exist in the form you do here.Rather, you were embodied as those you see around you now, living out individual lives and seeking after individual goals.You had no comprehension of what was to come, even as many people you will encounter here haven’t the faintest clue what we are speaking about now.

The “selves” that you have brought here have never encountered you in this format before.They are not “twin flames” or “soul mates,” people you have wronged, or those who have wronged you.Those concepts remain valid, but they are part of another paradigm–another way of relating to life.Here, in the Reconnection Universe, you are no longer separate–and the people and situations you meet here are not separate from you either.They only appear to be!

Each of the people, places, or interactions you see here is actually a piece of the fabric of who you are, across time –a colorful “patch,” which is being combined with other “patches,” and woven into a QUILT–designed to commemorate all that you have been, and all you will become.They are individual “fragments” of your past and future, which you are weaving together and giving to yourself as a present.Do you understand this?

And there is more.None of these “QuiltKin” has ever encountered each other before either–even though many feel like “family” as soon as encounter happens.Their energetic linkage to this reality comes through you. You are the dreamer and they are your dream.A similar process to what we are describing here will happen in each person’s universe, when the time is right.Every facet of the Multiversal Jewel has its time to shimmer and shine.
As each of your “significant selves” encounters the other, a new opportunity for living unfolds.Now you are all together.And yet, you move and breathe as though you are apart.Political solutions don’t unite you, neither do religious or philosophical ideals.Something more profound, something more wonderful is about to take place.

The Reconnection happens through your physical body, and within you–as your energy focuses and entrains itself with everything and everyone.You are awake now.Your viewpoint and sensory mechanism serves as Historian and Director of Photography for this grand event.And, even though you have been long conditioned to think of this body as separate from the rest of what is, you regularly experience “merge moments,” wherein you no longer perceive yourself to be contained at all.At those times, there is such blending and universal alignment that your separated self simply disappears.Now they see you, now they don’t.And it is glorious beyond imagining.

Your sense of focus and profound interest in all that you are, and all that you’re doing, gently overwhelms your innate fear, bathing you in sensations of connection to the All Within All! It is exquisite in its intensity and far-reaching in its scope. Without concern for time or material need, your consciousness floats freely from subject to subject, absorbing instantly and completely all there is to know or be.

In this space of ALL-owing and ALL-owning–you no longer walk and move upon the planet.Instead, you have become the planet itself.And you are also a galaxy, and a universe, all in one!In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. This entire experience is truly perceptual in nature.In the world of mortal men, everything seems to go on as it always has.People are born, people die.Seasons come and they go.But you remain.And you are everywhere and everything, doing all those things you ever wished you could do, and more.An exit from one level of reality is but an entrance into some other level.On and on you go!

Each “now moment” is a piece of the Greater Whole–a single snapshot, hung within an infinite Gallery of Now.They exist in relationship to each other, even as the “patches” of your Compilation Tapestry have been knit together in you.In the beginning, you lived each life to its completion, in every way you possibly could.Then, you gathered them all together–living among them, as though you were “someone else.”Now, you are about the task of becoming “The One,” the Invisible–The Word that was made flesh, and to whom all flesh returns.

Slowly, incredibly, you allow it all to come back to you.Everything you laid aside, everything you once knew.And it is sweet–sweeter than the most priceless and exotic jungle fruit.Warmer to the touch than honey, glistening in the afternoon sun.Bits and pieces of YOU, sewn together now, and finally complete.And we are here, to assist you in any way that we can.You are not alone now.In truth, you never were.Rest in that.You have earned it.

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