Numerology – The Deeper Meaning of Numbers

I came recently across this very interesting article and wanted to add it to my list of meanings of numbers. It looks at them from a spiritual point of view. Please visit the author’s website: Coralie, link does no longer work.


“In the ancient civilizations we have learned of, numbers had a deeper meaning then they do today. People were aware of a higher consciousness and their rituals brought in divine meaning to all life’s cycles. Numbers were held sacred by the Priest or Shaman. These enlightenment leaders of people were aware of the meaning behind numbers or symbols. If a certain sign appeared, the presented number would give the shaman insight into the situation. Often the Shaman played the aspect of ‘observer’ and the sacred meaning of numbers was kept secret from the masses.

As society now revolves around measurement and comparison, it seems that the wisdom has turned into a lower state of ego. Measurement of the physical and therefore time has debased the numbers of their sacred meaning, as they have been explored to benefit or limit the individual in a powerful way. We have forgotten the true meaning of numbers in our daily lives and within our belief systems. Their sacredness is a lost art.

In the beginning spirit manifested through numbers and that was understood by shamans. But as we have developed the ego and lost contact with enlightened states, we have taken numbers to their lowest levels. We, as a civilization, have descended the meaning of numbers and therefore ourselves over the last 1000 or more years. We have explored the negative impact, depravity and the meaningless of numbers to the full extent. For example, we hear about the millions who die and the millions of money one has and both these examples encourage a state of fear within the individual, fueling the ego. It represents the measurement of loss and separation. It also measures success/loss as a ‘numerical value,’ of intense physical proportions, which again implies lack, unfairness and a superior power which holds us in our cages of fear.

So what I am going to do here is take you back to the source of numerical meaning, which we have spiritually descended. Now is the time to ascend the sacred vibration of the numbers within us. Numbers can invite you to explore your divinity everyday, which allows a spiritual presence into your life in order to balance different aspects of who you are.

The number 1 means the start, beginning and the development of the self. The ego is quite important to the development of the self. Without it we would truly feel lost and unable to show others our divine spark as a separate individual. We have lately come to the point where we have tried to discard the ego and are encouraged to overcome it. We try to pretend we don’t have it, pushing it away and forcing it to become our own worst enemy, as we still use it to a huge extent, but with our rose colored glasses on. The number 1 is so important because it tells us that the ego is apart of us all and it allows us to live in a healthy way, if we use it as a tool and keep it balanced. When we experience fear and pain, it is important to recognize the ego. Play with it, allow it and express it. This then enables you to observe it and see it for what it is (as expressed by Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now). The number 1 is very important because it shows us how our ego or sense of self is developing.

The number 2 is the distance between 1 point and another focus point. It represents sensitivity to others, companionship, and mediator/peacemaker. It represents the stage of the divine ‘observer’ within us all. So if you have a Life Path 2 or a Destiny Number 2, this means you can become the ‘observer’, aware of the presence of ego and therefore you are able to mediate between the two, in order for to reach self realization. You can see things from a higher perspective. It is accessible to everybody, not just those possessing these numbers. As we often take numbers to their lowest level, the number 2 can be expressed as the negative mind, competition, oversensitivity, moodiness and unbalanced living. This negativity is also an aspect of the number 1 where the ego and sense of self gets out of control and we want to be the single person at the top of the mountain.

Number 3 represents the creative, positive mind and what we have seen over the last 20 or 30 years is people using their negative mind to create as they haven’t been able to access their positive mind due to society’s limited belief systems. Society and religion do not support expanding creation as it doesn’t require boundaries in order to be used, though those in power would have us believe otherwise. The creative mind is the next step to wholeness after mastering the negative mind of the 2. When manifesting the number 3 energy, you are using the new energy of triality. The two states of duality (happy/sad) combined with the state of the observer to maintain an assertive outlook. Not one that is happy, but one that is positively assertive! This is also a social number and when you are living with positive creational energy you attract people into your life who are beneficial for you and will help you to maintain and continue a positive mind, which then allows you to hold more of your own power.

The number 4 is very grounding and represents the square, which symbolizes physical stability. We need this anchor within the physical in order to ascend spiritually and continue our creative abilities. Being spiritually aware in the physical body is now a form of ascension that is widely accepted. Before 2000 it was very difficult to ground the higher frequency in the physical realm. As in the Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield, one would disappear as their vibration reached very high levels. Now the 4 enables us to live a divine physical experience, where we can associate with others and expand ourselves in order to gather more awareness. As the number 3 makes us more social, the 4 allows us to bring positive creation into our daily life. This means we can receive a reflection of ourselves from other people and situations around us. These reflections can be a catalyst for further change and growth. Each one reflects a certain aspect of us. Everything and everybody is an energy catalyst and every action you take in daily life reflects who you are. The 4 means to be physically aware and enables us to feel the physical presence of the now moment in a safe space.

The number 5 represents the present – the now moment and is an opportunity to be still, accept and express our heart; what we feel in the now moment. The ego is concerned with the past and the future and when we connect with the now moment, it slips away. Your being then enjoys the connection it has to All That Is. When you have this rest or gap between the thoughts, it is very healing and the heart is the focal point. At first it may be uncomfortable, but using the tools of surrender and acceptance you can heal the heart and move closer to your divine presence. When the ego and the heart are balanced by the 5, life becomes joyous and opens you to new experiences that are waiting for you. You can connect with life in a deep and meaningful way.

The number 6 rules divine channeling and allows us to express divine thought via the heart energy and now moment of the 5. It symbolizes beauty in all forms and harmony, so relationships become quite wonderful as inner truths are communicated. When one has mastered the previous numbers, then divine communication is easily expressed through talking. For those who have not mastered the previous numbers then this form of communication is expressed safely through writing or even telepathic messages. Also the channeled energy from the mind (3) flows through the heart (5) and heads into to lower chakras, resulting in an infusion of sexual energy. As energy flows naturally many Ruling 6 people or those experiencing a 6 creative energy will feel very sexual as this energy is our own divine spirit entering the physical and searching for expression. This energy is what compels us to LOVE. When people don’t feel a strong sexual energy, it means that they are looking for something else other than love, which would be signified within the previous numbers. They don’t feel yet connected to their divine passion/love.

The number 7 allows you to connect with people and situations and actively absorb knowledge or energy via DNA photons. You will be aware of new energy and the DNA of this energy is transmitted through auras (DNA photons) to your receptive DNA centre within the brain. The 7 number signifies the activity of taking messages or knowledge within from an outside source. This information is then evolved via your personal experience (DNA) and transmitted to the outside world as the aspect of teacher. It depends on your individual growth, as to which aspect you are currently playing – student or teacher. Education and travelling are so important for Ruling 7’s or those experiencing this vibration, as they help you to use the 7 productively. If you are not actively seeking information, then you will experience a feeling of loss or isolation. Usually this is due to letting imbalances of the 2 (fear) hold you back. Ruling 7’s often take on a victim personality when this happens, as they have forgotten how to assert themselves and step out of the shadows they have created with their negative mind. So the positive mind of the 3 is very important during these situations and can end the feeling of loss that 7 can bring, when used unwisely.

The number 8 represents independence. When you have gathered knowledge and stepped out of your comfort zone, you will know that you don’t ‘need’ anyone. You feel a level of independence growing and use the information you have gathered to choose/create your own path. You are now supported by divine intention. Anything you want is brought to you, when and if you require it. The number 8 rules empowerment and spiritual wisdom. Knowledge now can be actively used to better all concerned. It allows you access to future possibilities, where you can observe many perspectives/viewpoints of a future potential and this helps you to make a choice that furthers your growth.

The number 9 is the number of completion and symbolizes the highest ideals and values upheld by the individual. It is a catalyst for change and new beginnings to come – a completion of an old outdated cycle. The external environment is created through this energy via divine will and using the wisdom of the previous vibrations held within numbers. The number 9 encourages us not to just speak out truth but manifest it in our external environment, with passion and drive!

Number 10 contains the collective vibrations of the single digits, used for the betterment of others through active leadership. When someone experiences this vibration as a Ruling number etc, they will feel compelled to assist others in changing belief systems which are outdated. It is the number which allows the cycle to begin within others; it imbues others with the courage to face their sense of self and fuels hope in the midst of hopelessness. A Ruling 10 will assist others to feel the vibrations of all the single digits, in order for them to find out what life means to them. They can then find their hidden talents/strengths hidden within.”

by c2008 Coralie Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

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