Restrictions – Feb 2018 – Numerology Forecast

The Universal February numerology forecast informs you to expect restrictions caused by money and work. Don’t forget your family and pay close attention to them… Read the rest for the #4 below.

The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast that affects everybody.

To find your own personal month: add your month and day of birth and the current month and year together like in the example below.

Example for personal month:
February 3 (2 + 3), February (2) 2018 (2)
2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

#1 – Full Steam Ahead

You just got the green light to move full steam ahead.
This is a very important year for you to reap the rewardw of what you have sown for the past 7 years.
Don’t fear challenges and changes.
More abundance than ever will come into your life.
Work hard and be consistent.
You could find work in institutions or groups or working with money.

#2 – Evaluate Your Life

You could find yourself feeling down and tired, don’t give into it. Take it easy and rest.
It might be time for a checkup.
Watch your money and don’t overspend.
If you feel like talking to someone, go into therapy.
A relationship may end.
Don’t start anything of consequence right now.
This is a spiritual time to evaluate your life.

#3 – Impulsive Month

This extremely creative month is great for short trips, writing and making new friends.
You feel the impulse to buy new clothes and furniture and want to go out to movies and dinner.
Be careful what you spend money on, you could lose money through frivolous spending.

#4 – Restrictions

You feel being held down by restrictions involving money and work.
Pay attention to your family and your marriage.
Small details cause you to be frustrated.
To succeed now, you need emotional support and someone to compliment your efforts.
Watch your health and set realistic goals.

#5 – Change and Variety

Are you ready for ever change and variety?
You may travel. Experience a change in marital status or amount of time you spend with your mate.
There may be conflicts with friends.
Your are restless and want to be rid of an old situation.
Timing is great for sales, promotions and risk taking as long as you are not to impulsive.

#6 – Keep Your Promises

One of the best marriage influences in the whole 9 year cycle.
Don’t be critical of others, we each have our own troubles.
Do the work on your house.
Make sure you have a savings account, you definitely could use one now.
Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
You have much to do this year and to complete.

#7 – Re-evaluate

You are very busy this year and should take some time for rest now.
Do market research and pinpoint your audience.
Don’t worry if you are unemployed. Money will come your way when you need it most.
There is a strain between what you want and what you are given.

#8 – Responsibility, Hard Work

This month is filled with responsibility and hard work.
You have to make a major decision about your domestic life.
Timing is great to do repairs on your house, remodel or add on.
Buy a fancy car if you can.
A possible promotion at work could be coming your way.
You feel confident and ready to deal with groups and institutions.
Buying and selling is highlighted right now.

#9 – Be Tolerant

This month be ready for a trying and emotional time.
You need a mature outlook.
This whole year involves some spiritual yearning.
Use this month to reflect on your life and re-evaluate your goals.
An unexpected reward or disappointment could be coming your way.
Above all, be tolerant.

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