Healthy and Youthful Thoughts


I came across this in a newsgroup. I don’t remember when I posted this originally on my old site

Feeling sick? Feeling down? Feeling old? Feeling not-so-good? Well, according to Deepak Chopra MD, and many Quantum physicists, such feelings are only that – feelings! Here are some points to consider that can help you to change your body by changing your thoughts and beliefs.

The physical world, including your body, is the response of the observer. In other words, there is nothing in the perceived, three dimensional reality that exists aside from your perception. We are unconscious participants in a shared and fictitious belief that sickness and aging are inevitable and “just the way things are”.

There are no truly solid elements in the physical world. Even the most solid atom is comprised of a nucleus and orbitals that are themselves pure energy. Solidity, as we suppose it to be, is the product of particles of pure energy.

The distance between the nuclei of any two atoms is proportionately more distant from each other than the distance between two galaxies. The space in between them is alive with pure Consciousness, Thus, YOU are comprised of 99.999 % pure Consciousness, and the remaining portion of your self is pure energy. The only SOLID force about you is the presence of Universal Consciousness with which you are inseparably ONE. Your control over the condition of your physical body is completely reflective of your self concept as it expresses itself through your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Therefore: Your ARE what you think, feel, and believe yourself to be. To change the condition of your body, allow yourself to change your personal paradigm to envision-feel-believe yourself as perfectly healthy, perfectly youthful, perfectly well in all ways. As you allow this new paradigm to more and more over-take your old perceptions, you will experience the manifestation of your improving conditions as your subconscious mind comes to accept your renewed and improving, preferred physical condition.

The concept of “time” is the product of collective concept as accepted by your belief. There is no time aside from the perception of time. The body of a newly born baby is not “new” at all. It is composed of atoms that have existed and been circulating throughout the universe in differing forms for trillions of years. If we could all preserve our immune systems to remain in the conditions that they are born in, our average life span would exceed 300 years. What makes the baby’s body “young” is the unseen intelligence that has come together to form this new expression of Universal Consciousness.

YOU are now even more alive with this same Consciousness than you were at the moment of your birth. YOU carry within yourself right now the same conscious intelligence that formed your body following conception.
IT has not aged, and cannot age.
IT cannot become sick.
IT cannot become emotionally depressed.
IT is eternally youthful.
IT abides in perpetual health.
IT knows only joy and oneness with God and The Universe.
……………………….. And YOU are IT.

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