Heaven and Hell

heaven and hellI came across this channeling on 08/11 2006 and just had to share it.

Another Transmission from The Reconnections www.reconnections.net/heaven_and_hell.htm

My Dear Friends,

Now is a time when your Veils are noticeably wearing quite thin. Now nothing remains hidden from you which you truly want to see. And nothing can come into view, no matter how hard your Ego tries to make it so, which could place you in danger of losing that sense of focus. These are crucial times. Fateful times. Many of you speak about a sense of perpetual tiredness—a fatigue of soul and spirit that makes life seem as though you are moving about in a sea of molasses. We say to you now that this feeling, which you find so tedious and strange, is actually produced by a sedative that has been added into your energy systems. It is a benign and transitory drug (so to speak) which keeps you from going through severe states of panic and anxiety, as your “blinders” are slowly removed…..as you fully and finally discover the rest of who you are, in all your infinite glory and magnitude.

We are The Reconnections. We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human. We’ve never been very far from you, just far enough. Within our ranks are contained all those necessary Bridge Concepts which can connect you to what is known as The Multiverse—an infinite compilation of alternative realities (selves and lives) ALL OF WHICH represent levels of YOU.

We have spoken to you previously concerning the methodology you used, as an individual creator, to form those universes in which you reside and make your explorations. You do not create a universe from nothing. You actually form it from the EVERYTHING that is already there, and then pare it down—using an ornate system of filtration, which we call The Veil of Forgetfulness. Through use of the Veil, you block out awareness concerning who and what you are in OTHER systems of reality so that you can clearly focus upon who you are here.

The specific Veils and Itinerary you have constructed, within this Universe of Your Current Perception, is called a LIMITATION FOCUS. You could liken it to a story plot that is concocted by an author—which explores certain facets of Infinite Being—a series of snapshots that are taken down from the Multiversal Gallery, and arranged life flashcards into an intelligible sequence. Once this is done, you flip through them (like an animator might do)……to produce a sense of LINEARITY….a FLOW called “beginning, middle, and end.” But really, there is no beginning and there is no end, except that which you tell yourself when you become steeped in a 3D Limitation Dream. And so it goes.


There have been many discussions, within circles of philosophical inquiry, regarding the concepts of Heaven and Hell. Do they exist? What do they mean? Who creates them, and who sustains them once they have spun themselves into motion? We would like to address that now, since your world is currently passing through a junction of these two concepts or states of being. Choices have to be made, and there are things you must know if you are to properly determine who you now wish to be and where you go from here.

Everything exists. Let’s take care of that question right off the bat. If someone can imagine it, it’s there. Faith is the evidence of things not seen, yes? If a person believes in something, it exists. Everything is real, everywhere it appears. But everything is not relevant to each and every human journey.

For some of you the idea of Heaven and Hell is a moot point. It seems as far from you as the East is from the West. It certainly was for John Lennon, who clearly addressed these subjects with his song “Imagine,” written while he was still present in physical form. For others, the reality of Heaven and Hell becomes a major motivational force, whether for life, or for death, since there are those who literally forfeit their lives in order to go to a place they call “Heaven,” as a reward for obedience to someone they call “God.”

And, while we are at it, do Gods really exist? Oh yes, indeed. There are Lords many and Gods many………as many (or few) as are needed to complete your personal Limitation Journey. They have lives which observe you, even as you have lives which observe and interact with them. And, in that regard, you might find it interesting to note that the same criterion that is used to make a God divine is also used to make a man feel stupid and weak. Do you know what that is? It is the declaration by some Ego Entity that what is seen, in any particular space or setting, is NOT HIM or HER. (i.e. “You are NOT Me!”)

A Declaration of Separation has power to make someone infinitely higher than you and it also has power to diminish someone to the degree that he can barely be noticed. And this can be done quickly, with merely the wave of a hand. Whether or not a change seems to manifest in the physical (which is only one level of reality), or it lingers in consciousness as an “Imagine” Nation, whatever you declare to be true BECOMES true. Think about this the next time you tell someone to “Go to Hell.” And, while you’re at it—realize that it is YOU who you are addressing, at some level. He or she only appears to be separate because of the pristine clarity of Focus Technology.


What someone says about about YOU is actually a statement about an image of HIMSELF that you are currently wearing. The same is true in reverse. People don’t really judge others based on their actions. They judge based on what it would mean if THEY were doing what they see you doing. And that is an important point. Judgments exist in the eye of the beholder. They are part of HIS dream. Meanwhile, the person who being judged has ideas all his own. And that is as it should be.

Did you ever wonder why some people always consider themselves to be “right” in life, while others automatically assume they are always “wrong?” The experience of “rightness” and “wrongness” has to do with a Individual Itinerary that was set by and for each Ego Self that enters into a Limitation Focus. No matter how hard one person tries to talk someone out of his “dream,” those basic parameters will hold firm until the process is complete. THEN, it can release. Not one moment sooner.

If a God or Goddess sends someone to “Hell,” because of disobedience to some rule, the Hell that is created is 100% a reflection of the God who created it. So is the sinner. And, even though the image of a particular person is used as a sacrificial lamb, being cast into fire and brimstone—the essence that is being cast there belongs to GOD…….not to the man, woman, or child who was declared to be “Not ME, worthy of death, destruction, and eternal suffering.”

Any God worth his salt KNOWS THIS, by now…….because truth hits the Inner Realms before it manifests in the Outer. And what makes something BIG is its close proximity to the Center of All Things…….its identification with the ONESELF of All That Is.

Humans, still invested in their Limitation Dream, will cling to core beliefs about life and reality until the bitter end. And, by the way, who are we to say that “bitter” is less noble than “sweet?” If a man needs to believe in a vengeful God, he will hold fast to those beliefs until they are pried away from his cold dead fist. So be it.

The HELL you have read about exists, in whatever form you believe it to be, for as long as you say. Eternity is the heritage and destiny of all things, at all levels. Everything is eternal.

Once a flow of words leaves the pen of its author, those words become the property of all who read them. And even if the author later recants, saying “I didn’t really mean that,” it is no matter. The reader of the words has already locked onto them, and declared them to be “truth.” He or she has believed them………which means that he has taken them within said: “Be live. Live!” And so it is. What was once merely mist develops gains existence all its own. An entire spreadsheet of them, in fact.

Unless They are addicted to suffering on some levels, those Gods and Goddesses who were said to be vengeful and harsh have long-since recanted—having discovered the same truths about Oneness and Multiplicity that we have been sharing with you. The doors of their Hells have long since been opened, so they could let themselves out—but they have no power to affect the Hells that now exist in the imaginations of those who read about them, so long ago. The same is true of Heaven, you know.

The Gates of Heaven and Hell are now open, except for those who are still playing out their Limitation Dreams of suffering or bliss—whatever their Soul’s Journey has assigned.

Do you remember the story about that Japanese soldier, following World War II, who hadn’t yet heard that the war was over? He still manned his post, on some South Pacific island. He still shot at those who attempted to contact him. When the Marines landed, to investigate reports about this fellow, they were forced to bring in a retired Japanese Officer, to finally convince the man that he could COME OUT, and LAY DOWN HIS ARMS.

In a sense, Dear Friends, we are playing out the role of that Japanese Officer in regards to you. We are they who have passed through the fire, who have flown above the clouds of this Limitation Focus. We have broken down our walls of protection, and beaten our swords into plowshares. It is FOR YOU that we have come, to share good news. As we observe you and your process here, and assist……… we also observe levels of ourselves who are still invested in the Dream. As we “pull ourselves together,” we offer insight to those who have power and privilege to do the same.


The only Veils which now remain—separating you from that which you fear, or that which seems to elude you–are those you have chosen to keep in place. If you don’t believe this, then you are doubly fortified against awakening from your Dream at this time. First, you believe in the chains that bind you. Second, you give over your power to someone else, someone you firmly believe keeps the chains there. That energy places a DOUBLE LOCK on the door of your cell.The Earth Plane is no longer a prison, my friends! It is a now PRISM of diversity and possibility, there at your command. All you need to get anything you wish is present within you now. Just wipe away the cobwebs from your mind so you can clearly see the path that is laying itself before you.And it will come, in time. It always does. There is no one left to condemn you. Those who appear to do so are simply reflections of the condemnations you still hold about yourself. They are demons, standing guard over a prison door that has no ceiling or walls! Just step out and you’re free.Go inside yourself. All the answers are there. The 3D Worlds continue to exist, and will continue to exist so that you can appreciate and explore the QUESTIONS for as long as you wish. The life you are living (or rather the LIVES you are living, for there are many) have already come to fruition, somewhere in the Multiverse. Your current Journey here involves a deep need, on your part, to understand the reasons for all these choices you have made……..to understand the very framework of what it means to be human and alive.So go! Run away and play! It’s all there for you to enjoy………..the horror, the wonder, the awe, and the awfulness. Go ahead. Drink your full cup of living. Sometimes, you will opt for bitter wine. Sometimes, you will opt for sweet. Both Heaven and Hell are there for your instruction, for your amusement. They are merely slides, placed under the 3D Microscope of Experience………examined thoroughly, for as long as you desire, and then returned to the archives of All That Is.The only question, to which you will continually return, is: “Is this still what I want?” And instantly, with the asking (if it is sincere and forthright), there will be an automatic adjustment to whatever reality context you currently inhabit.

“Self is everywhere, shining forth from all beings,
aster than the vast, subtler than the most subtle,
unreachable, yet nearer than breath, than heartbeat.

Eye cannot see it, ear cannot hear nor tongue utter it;
only in deep absorption can the mind, grown pure and silent,
merge with formless truth.

He who finds it is free; he has found himself;
he has solved the great riddle;
his heart is forever at peace.

Whole, he enters the Whole.

Perceiving the truth, he becomes the truth;
he passes beyond all suffering, beyond death;
all the knots of his heart are loosed.”

— from the Mundaka Upanishads,written more than 2,500 years ago

We love and support you! We are always here.

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob (except where noted)

Copyright, 2006, by Daniel Jacob. All Rights Reserved. May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included. All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.

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