How do you see the world?

Do you know that each of us sees the world differently? We all live in the same world and one would assume therefore that we all see it the same way, but that is not true. The are as many ways to see the world as there are people. The reason for this is that our perception of the world is based on our own personal experiences. Our life experiences “flavour” our perceptions.

Maiden Rock

Maiden Rock

Look at this picture as a landscape scene and then turn your head sideways and be surprised by what you see.

That means we have a choice in how we want to see the world. I recently came across a quote ab Abraham that said: “You can have a problem and be hopeful or you can have a problem and be fearful. The difference between the two is that of overcoming the problem or be overwhelmed by the problem.”

The difficult part is to change your perception. The traditional way of working to change your perception is by thinking positive thoughts and this is not always that easy as you don’t really address why you are thinking a certain way.

  • I have found that using Reboot Tapping is a fast way to change your perception.
  • Then I came across another way as explained in this video by Marina Bajszar.

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