How to Become Your Own Intuitive Healer

Today I came across this excerpt from an interesting book. I love it when I come across simple instructions for health and well-being that I can use on myself. Give it a try, I did and it works.

Becoming Your Own Intuitive Healer

By Melinda Iverson Inn

Talking and listening to yourself are two of the most empowering things you can do on your healing journey. It is when we stop listening that we begin to feel lost in our dis-harmony. Check in with your body daily. Ask it how it is doing. What does it want right now to feel at its best? Are you thinking nice thoughts about yourself? Are you in gratitude for the self-healer within? Can you touch your wounds with compassion? Try this…

Closing your eyes (if you like) to help yourself visualize, ask yourself where pain is located in your system. Listen to what your body is telling you.

What does this discomfort look like? (It may manifest in your mind as a shape, a color, sound, a human or animal image, etc.) Imagine yourself pulling this image of your discomfort from your mind, and laying it down on an altar of truth in front of you.

As you look at this image, acknowledge it, dialogue with it and help it transform into love, in whatever form that may take (white light, hearts, butterflies, a color, etc.) and send it back to the magnificent All transformed into that version of love.

What is the overall emotion you are feeling now? Is it the same as before?
Example of a Dialogue With Your Body:

Ask yourself: Where is the discomfort located?
Answer: In my neck.

Q. What does this discomfort look like?
A. It looks like a black box.
(Visualize pulling the black box out of yourself and laying it down on an altar of truth in front of you.)

Q. As you look at it, what is inside of this black box?
A. Some tightly stretched rubber bands, and they are almost to the breaking point.

Q. What is the overall emotion you are feeling now? Is it anger? Fear? Frustration? Greed for Material Things? Greed for Knowledge? Grief? Indecision?
A. Frustration.

Q. What does frustration mean to you?
A. It means I am wound too tightly right now.

Q. What is frustration allowing you to have or be?
A. It is allowing me to feel confused and not have to act on my intentions.

Q. What is the positive intention behind confusion?
A. Confusion means that I need to take a brief rest from what I am doing right now.

Q. When you take a rest, what does that allow you to have or be?
A. It allows me to relax.

Q. What does relaxing allow you to have or be?
A. It allows me to trust in knowing that my project will be completed to the best of my abilities, and on time.

Q. So the initial frustration was creating a pathway to remind you to trust?
A. Yes!

Create a symbol (color, sound or object) that represents trust and offer it to yourself (and your aching neck) with love. See yourself filled with the feeling this symbol represents.
Thank yourself for be willing and open to trying this exercise.
Well Done!

Once a particular non-beneficial unconscious pathway is revealed to the conscious mind, its tension will usually begin to release of its own accord.

You may also do this exercise by checking in with your organs, glands, bones and joints.

Is there an emotion attached to an imbalance that you’re feeling? Ask your system what it is. What does that particular emotion mean to you or allow you to be or have? Continue asking the questions until you get to the deepest answer that represents something positive for you.

Blessings ~ Melinda
Excerpt from Becoming Your Own Intuitive Healer


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