“I am that I am”

I don’t know where I came across this text. I liked it and thought others might also.

Translation from an ancient Egyptian text carved into a doorway, a sacred place.

message“I have, at last, reached MY goal,
And solved the secret of MY soul.
I am THAT, to whom I prayed,
THAT, to whom I looked for aid.
I am THAT, whom I did seek.
I am MY own mountain peak.

I, upon creation look,
As a page from MY own book.
For I am the ONE, the many make,
Of substance, which from ME I take.
For ALL is ME, there are not two,
Creation is MYSELF, all through.

What I grant, unto MYSELF,
I just take, from MYSELF.
And give it to ME, the only ONE,
For I am the Father, and the Son.

What I want, I do but see,
MY wishes flowing forth from ME.
For I am the knower, and the known,
Subject, ruler, and the throne.
The three in ONE, is what I am,
And hell itself is but a dam,
That I did put in MY own stream,
When in a nightmare, I did dream.

That I did dream;
That I was not the only ONE,
And thus by ME, was doubt begun,
Which ran its course, ’til I awoke,
And found that I, with ME, did joke.
So now, that I do stand awake,
MY throne, I do surely take,
And rule MY kingdom, which is ME,
The master, through eternity.”

first posted on my old site June 25/2003

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