Inspirational Quotes for Week 31 – Let Go

Inspirational Quotes for the WeekLet the following inspirational quotes guide you and lift you up. There is one quote for each day of the week.

  1. Sometimes when things are FALLING APART, they may actually be FALLING INTO PLACE.
  2. Learn to let go. That is the key to happiness. —Buddha
  3. Life is like a camera, just focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.
  4. BECOME NEW. At any time, you can rethink your life and reinvent yourself.
  5. COMMITMENT is that turning point in your life when you SEIZE THE MOMENT and convert it into an opportunity to ALTER YOUR DESTINY. —Denis Waitley
  6. Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. —Stephen Covey
  7. Enjoy the little things in life … for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.


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