Life Is An Adventure


Your life is bracketed by 2 bookends of opinions of loved ones and friends.

At one end when you are young your parents and friends want to guide and protect you with well-meaning advice from mistakes they see that are not in your best interest.

At the other end it is your children and friends who think they know better. They advice you from their perspective what is best for you.

Life is meant to be an adventure full of unexpected twists and turns that allow you to experience your heart’s desires and ideas. It teaches you and helps you grow.

Growth occurs at the border of chaos and order. That gut feeling is telling you that you are on the thresh-hold of a mile stone. You are standing at the edge of a cliff. Do you take that step and to your surprise realize that you can fly or do you step back and wonder for the rest of your life what did you miss?

Are you ahead of the mainstream world who is saying that’s not how it is done. Are you testing living a different paradigm, free from current conventions.

Do you live outside the box or do you say there is no box?



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