Life Purpose

By Chris Walker

We speak of life purpose. Actually there is nothing on earth that is not on your purpose.
Your ultimate purpose is to learn love and everything you do will teach you that.
Whether you are in hospital, permanently different, being challenged you are on purpose if you can learn from it. Develop an inward belief in the sacredness of the whole and that man can be in tune with this sacredness.
Place your mind on truthfulness and use purification to remove the “dust” which conceals our inherently divine nature and thus receive the blessings.
Your spirit is a holy power living in the real world.
All living things possess the Divine. This is being inspired.
Observe all taboos, avoid things that cause toxin and pollution.
Make your prayers and offerings to the temples of your life
Worship the Gods and Goddesses, in which you place your faith.
The sacred fire is the symbol that fights evil, It is the great purifier and sustainer, it is the nature of the sun itself. So keep a flame burning in your heart.

Originally posted on June 5/2006 on old site


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