Take A Break – March 2020 Numerology Forecast

take it easy
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The Universal March numerology forecast informs you that it is time to pay attention to your health, don’t work too hard and take breaks … Read the rest for the #7 below.

UY = 2020 (4) + March 2020 (3) = 7 Universal Month

The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast that affects everybody.

To find your own personal month:
Add your month and day of birth and the current month and year together like in the example below.

Example for personal month:
February 3 (5) + March (3) + 2020 (4)
5 + 3 + 4 = 12 =1 + 2 = 3 Personal Month

#1 – Renewed Energy

Now is the time to begin a new project.
Expect to have renewed energy.
Set a goal who’s success revolves around your special talent or skill.
Learn something new about something old.
You could meet your future mate around this time.
You may feel isolated, but you are in period of maturation requiriing solitude, understanding and wisdom.
Know that you do not know it all.
You’ll have to give up something.

#2 – Slow Down

This month will forces you to slow down a bit.
Do things well and pay attention to all the details.
This is a time to cooperative rather than assertive.
You are feeling held down and may want to make changes that you cannot effect yet.
Love is much on your mind. You feel emotional, but you can control your strong your strong feelings.
You have strong sense of justice.

#3 – Creative Burst

Wow, you are entering a surprising, creative burst: write, paint, travel on long or a short trips, entertain friends, be generous, learn a foreign language.
Expect your social life be very active.
You are happy to give and sympathize.

#4 – Make Changes

It is time making changes in your business, work, career or your family situation.
Be prepared to take on more domestic responsibilities.
Start a long-range plan or goal. Begin to build something tangible.
This restrictive month requires you to make decisions that will affect your future.
Don’t gamble on the unknown, do your own research.

#5 – Don’t know what to do

Change is coming, but does not clarify a situation.
You find it hard to know what to do and have difficulty in completing what you have started.
Expect conflict in relationships. Love and sex don’t always go together.

#6 – Creative Urge

This month will bring you a strong creative urge to express yourself, but you must defer your wishes to the needs of your family.
You are entering a time of increased responsibility.
Take advantage of your creative urges for redecorating or any artistic project.
This is a time of service, education and emotional attachment.

#7 – Watch Your Health

This is a critical time for your health.
Be sure to take quiet breaks and don’t work too hard.
Learn more about your profession and practice your skills.
Money prospects may be disturbing this month.

#8 – More Expenses

A promotion and more money are possible this month, but also more expenses.
Business influences are excellent a this time.
If you are looking for a job, this will be the month you get something better than you expected.
In everything use good judgment.
Only take risks on what you have researched well.
Make sure to exercise self-control.

#9 – Don’t Start Anything New

You’ll have a very strong feeling of completition, but don’t any new ventures yet.
You feel a pull toward religion and community action groups.
There is a chance that you may suffer the loss of a relative.
Expect some long-distance travel involving a family member or service group.
An inheritance is also possible.

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