Time to Reorganize – November 2018 – Numerology Forecast

time to reorganize

The Universal November numerology forecast informs you that it is time to reorganize and spend your money wisely … Read the rest for the #4 below.

The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast that affects everybody.

To find your own personal month:
add your month and day of birth and the current month and year together like in the example below.

Example for personal month:
February 3 (5),  November (11/2) 2018 (2)
2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

UY 12/3 UM 13/4

#1 – Start Project

It’s time to start a major project.
Business influences are excellent this month.
You have incredible energy available and necessary for accomplishment.
A period of decisions, purchases, promotions and advances.
Expect a clash of wills.
Highlights for this month for you are: heavy machinery, publications, launchings and heroism.

#2 – Patience

Wait to see how your ideas of last month are working out. Be patient.
There is still something to complete.
This is the month for relationships. Send a card to your mother, sister or wife.
Pay attention to your health.

#3 – Torn

A month where you are torn between two strong forces. You feel the urge to act, but need to take care of many details that slow you down.
Be careful now, you need to be diplomatic.
Relationships are favored, but you must be prepared to compromise.

#4 – Reorganize

It’s time to reorganize at home and at work. Take your clothes to the cleaners and file your papers.
You’re ready to tackle a long-range project.
Be careful with your money and spend it wisely.
Resist the urge to be stubborn, negative or stern because others are slacking off.
Timing is not right for traveling.

#5 – Explosive Month

This month can turn out to be quite an explosive time.
Expect a clash of wills.
Many things can change and surprise you.
Your chances of meeting someone for a meaningful relationship are quite good.
Travel and experiment.
You could be temporarily separated from your mate.
Opportunities are coming to you.
This is a great time for publicity, performing, selling and playing.
Cherish your high energy, it could make you attractive to others.
This is also a great month for recuperation from an operation.

#6 – In Demand

You’re very much in demand as everyone turns to you for help.
This is a time for serving others or perhaps even getting married.
Watch your promises and follow through.
You’re feeling very secure – or is it trapped?
This is an important period for emotional growth.

#7 – Time Out

A period for time out and to slow down.
Money will come in on its own time.
There is a lesson you may not want to learn.
Take up an exercise regimen.
You may meet a very unusual person whom you feel you have known before.
Don’t have that affair with a married person!

#8 – Push to Accomplish

Another major push to accomplish this month.
Realize just how competent you are.
Buy a burglar alarm.
Begin a disciplined health program.
You may be promoted or receive money that has been coming for some time.
Buy something of long-lasting value.
You’re making a major decision about your family life.
You could be called to jury duty.

#9 – Completion

This is a time of completion.
If you’re looking for work, don’t despair. Better luck is waiting for you next month. Be patient.
Reach out to others and visualize what you would like to have appear.
Be tolerant and forgiving. Just let go.
Take a trip.


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