Numbers and Colors

In my wanderings around the web I came across this information. I found it interesting.

I found it at It is written by Rob Ragozzine who is a contributor to that website and also has his own website called

Number Primary Color Secondary Colors Primary Color Helps with
1 Red Crimson, Apricot Stimulation, Growth, excitement, high spirits, and physical energy, Determination, Passion
2 Orange Gold, Salmon, Garnet, Black Accentuates relationships, Learning, Success, Happiness
3 Yellow Ruby, Amber Creativity, Intellect, Optimism
4 Green Blue, Indigo, Brown, Silver Peace, Rest, Responsibility, Relaxation, Growth, Abundance, Prosperity
5 Blue Pink, Cherry Growth, Patience, Tranquility
6 Indigo Orange, Mustard Intuition, Creativity, Imagination, Power
7 Violet Pearl, Magenta Inner Work, Vision, Spirituality
8 Rose Opal, Ivory Innovation, Dramatic change
9 Gold Olive, Red Wisdom, Wealth

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