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I have discovered a cool website and on it a definition for the meaning of 11:11 that I find is worth sharing. The website is called: Points of Power

Here is the definition of 11:11 from the above website. If you find it resonates with you, I suggest that you check out the website itself.

‘Millions of people right around the world are seeing the numbers 11:11* mysteriously appearing on digital clocks.
And many are more than a little apprehensive.
They are not sure what it means, where to turn to, or who to trust.
*11:11 – The bridge or transitional zone between the old energy world of duality and the New Energy world of Oneness.
A wake-up/reminder call of the highest order…
confirmation that one’s spiritual/awakening journey is right on track.’

~Allen Stacker

The poet and humanist Walt Whitman epitomized the New Spiritual Paradigm in the preface to his work Leaves of Grass… written 150 years ago!

‘Re-examine all you have been told in school or church or in any book, and dismiss whatever insults your own soul… It is also not consistent with the reality of the soul to admit that there is anything in the known universe more divine than men and women. The master knows that he is unspeakably great and that all are unspeakably great. There will soon be no more priests… They may wait awhile, perhaps a generation or two, dropping off by degrees. A superior breed shall take their place. A new order shall arise and they shall be the priests of man, and every man shall be his own priest.’

~Walt Whitman, from the preface to Leaves of Grass – 1855


  1. All around the world people have been seeing 11:11 and asking what the true meaning is. The meaning of 11:11 is for you to wake up to your higher self. Consciousness!
    11:11 = A box with a free-floating dot in space. Or the
    Before I move on you must come to a basic understanding Pay attention. Zero=One or 0=1. I want you to grab a coin. Hold the coin in your hand look at it from the top to see it as a 0 or circle. Now look at the coin so you see it as 1 or One. As you hold the coin in your hand you can see it has 2 sides heads and tails this is the principle of duality, but notice that both are equal as .5+.5=1 So we can now say that male=female black=white positive=negative light=dark. If you understand that, it is all equal but a difference of scale. As one cannot tell you where light and dark begin or where hot and cold end and start. We are all = and we are all One.
    What was mans first creation? The wheel how does one create something from nothing? Zero or 0 is nothing right? Right! You create from thought. I hope some of you are catching on. Therefore, you are a thought in the mind of god or the All. Yet he loves you so much that he wanted you to experience his creation and or mind. Therefore, as thought or soul you are born into this world as a human. When you are born your pure but as you grow and develop you never lose your purity you just forget that you’re a soul in a human body experiencing a collective limited reality.
    A circle O or pi 3.14=8/2 =4 or 1111 I divided by 2 as we have two side of a coin and because everything is a half-truth. 3.14=11.0 in Binary computers program in 0 or 1 for the diameter of the circle I used the golden ratio as it is found on the human body. The golden ratio is 1.61=8/2=4 1.61=1.1 in Binary. So Pi+golden ratio= 11:11
    I hope that you’re catching on. The next time you see 11:11 ask yourself who am I. Better yet look into your eyes and ask yourself who you are. How do you see yourself? In a mirror how else? Thru the eyes of others.
    Consciousness or thought= vibration. Matter is light held together by vibration. One can say that math explains vibration. Π if you look at it is nothing more than a flip of a coin, when you flip a coin it sends out vibration. This vibration holds everything that you see together. Everything is consciousness or vibration. Evolution is a change in consciousness and or vibration. Some of you are going to say well I am conscious well yes, you are but not fully, if you were I would not have to be sending this message out. When was the last time that you stopped all your thoughts? Let me break it down for you so you have a better understanding. When you grow up you’re taught but you never learn anything for yourself, people become automated so automated that you lost your true self, always on the go people all kept in fear and stress out so you never get to really every do any real deep thinking for yourself. You then go to school to learn other people’s thoughts and discovery never able to question the teaching or find your own way or learn things outside of the curriculum, this is call conditioning. After school, you work never questing anything. When you retire if you get to, they you might have time to reflect on your life. This is the system that you’re a slave to. You’re never given the chance to figure it out; it is like this for a reason. The people at the top know that if you ever wake up and realize that you have been fooled all your life the system is place would come down. What the people at the top don’t understand is that we put them up there. They forgot who they are themselves they got lost in greed. The few that know and control the system, we all go back to the light. People need to wake up and understand that your pure essence is light. People need to wake up and understand that we are all = that nobody is better than anyone if you think they are you created a mental prison for yourself. They keep you in your mental prison by keeping you in fear, busy and the best distracted by entertainment. Keep the people stupid so we can control them. You’re never given the truth always looking elsewhere for the answer. The answer has and always will be inside of you. It is the most guarded secret on earth. Find your true self and the answers will come.
    Who are you? Ask yourself. Well at first, you’re going to say your name, wells that’s not me then you’re going to say well by body really? When the body dies what happens? Oh ya I am spirt. I am I. I am One. Now let us look at i. Notice that the line under the dot is the same thing as the dot it is just a different view. When a person stands straight up with arms to the side he, make an i with his body your head being the dot and your body being the line. The dot is pi the line is the golden ratio both are infinite. “I” flipped on its side with the middle section at the top forms a table or house move the middle section to the bottom and you have a cup. Also, note that the dot on top of the I represents infinity. All the infinity symbol is a O is a twist you can see this by spinning a quarter and watch it wobble it will form the infinity symbol.
    However, some might ask for proof of consciousness well ok. I will do one better. I will explain how space and consciousness work together. Fibonacci already explained it but people just see numbers and not the meanings behind them, because they never question why it is so. Fibonacci 011235813 notice it is increasing in vibration it is also goes to infinity. Doing this creates a golden spiral Spiral=consciousness. What Fibonacci could not say was that he was explaining the unfolding or folding of space with consciousness. Just as I cannot tell you other things because it has to be realized by yourself to come to this understanding. Once you have reached this place of consciousness your given answers but some of the answers come with a price, once the veil is lifted and you see with your true eyes you will understand what I mean. I also wanted you to notice that consciousness=spirals, look at nature look at the world around you look at space look at your face; better yet look at your eyes.
    Some of you might ask yourself how I obtained this information, simple I sat in meditation cleared my thoughts and listened and followed 11:11 literally all around the world I. I had faith in myself and just listened to my higher self my true self. As you sit and read and think I will share a secrete with you, no two people see the same thing it is only assumed that we do. When you come to an understanding that nothing is outside of yourself that, what you see is all in you. It now makes me smile to see man try to travel to distant planets and understand space when this entire time it has been locked inside of you. Some of you will not understand nor even care to and this is fine. More and more people are awakening and science is starting to back this fact. The vibration of the earth has been changing awaking up junk DNA it will continue to do so. Nothing is random.
    So why go thru all of this? Because I love you all, because I understand that, we are a collective consciousness. Because I know and other know what is to come in the next 3 years. Because the most important teachings are locked inside of you and are taught to you when you reach this state of consciousness. The true and only teaching were never intended to be written nor spoken, this was to prevent what has already taken place. The truth shall set you free; this is why they keep you busy, because now that you know it has started. With a collective consciousness all information is shared everyone can tap into this as we are all 1 or 0 thought, this is what they are afraid of this is what they protect no more secrets.
    All the great civilization before us knew this, why do you think all the information was suppressed or destroyed? For control, follow the money. I am doing this to wake you up. If everyone in the world just focused on developing themselves and not worrying about what others are doing, we would have reached peace a long time ago. Just be.

    • I have a lot to say about this and would love for someone with any kind of input to please contact me. This 11:11 phenomenon started last fall after my boyfriend told me he was experiencing it. shortly after, it started to really happen with me in the same ways. waking to 11:11 in the morning, and awaking out of a deep sleep to 1:11 at night. It seemed silly at first but this has been going on since november of last year (11/2010). we started to see meaning in the phenomenon after realizing that it occurs more often then chance should allow. many times we would look at the clock and 11:11 appeared, it was at a significant moment. looking back, we started dating on nov.29th 2010 (11:11). what blows me away the most is that we had it all figured out before we ever knew this was something other people have experienced. around march of this year we decided 11:11 must mean something, It was becoming more and more frequent. everytime we saw it, we got chills and the feeling of awareness/spirituality’higher purpose. We started seeing the experience of 11:11 as a moment to recognize and pay attention too, even though we did not understand why. Still before researching this, my boyfriend who began experiencing this first, told me he felt that angels or spirits were reasuring him that he was on the right path with his life. He became very spiritual after having a stroke at age 24 and overcoming alcoholism ( now 13 mos alcohol free) The night that we happened to google the 11:11 phenomenon was a few nights before the tsunami in japan and we both had feelings of something impending. it wasnt until after the disaster that we realized the coincidence. Made us nervous about 11/11/11. I have read about 9/11 and numerology as well, and also the myan calendar ends at 11:11 am. I have always felt this sort of duality where u have a deep understanding or connection with the world and a greater purpose. at the same time I feel as if i live within 2 worlds, one which is mundane, created by humans and to me, obviously meaningless, and another which is something within me, a third-person point of view, a higher understanding than most people. I have always been confused how it seems that most people live in this world without question, and are so occupied by such meaningless things. I have always had trouble fitting into the expectations of this world, all along knowing that I have to try (or pretend to). I wonder how many other people “pretend” like I do. As long as I can remember I have felt like I was doing and saying what others wanted to hear/see just to avoid trying to explain why it is meaningless. If it werent for other’s ideas about what is important in life, ie: go to college, work hard, save money… I would have done many things. So many people get lost in what they are supposed to do (says who?), which is created by society and the era we live in. Anyways, going off on a tangent, I have always felt that everything we see is a matter of perception. over time, human beings have created a world in which it is easy to get lost, and forget that we are not the center of the universe. It is important to be humble as a human being, since we are merely ants. I am an artist, just graduated 2 days ago with a bachelors in psychology, and I STILL think I am losing my mind. I have been trying to find meaning in number sequences since this 11:11 thing started. One example that sticks out in my mind, the exact moment that I realized something was really going on. I was writing a paper for some class and filling out the reference for some source. I typed in 66 for the vol/issue number of the journal, and then the next entry was a 3. after I read these numbers a strange feeling came over me, kind of dark. Then I thought to myself, I bet if i look at the clock right now it will say 11:11, and so I looked and I was right. This was the first time I felt like something was directing me to look at the 11:11. is there some significance to 66 or 3? Not just that but the 11:11 thing persisted for a few months, then evolved to 1:11, 1234, 444, 555 or just 11. I always see some number with 11 following it, mostr often 411,911,111,711,1111, 1211. I would love to talk to someone who knows numbers. please feel free to contact me with any input.

  2. rebecca kaur

    hi i was hoping to talk a little by e-mail. Thanks, Rebecca

  3. You know what’s interesting? Obama and McCain are both 11 Life Paths… Any thoughts?

  4. I also couldn’t resist looking up Sarah Palin and Joe Biden after posting the above comment. Joe Biden is also an 11, and Sarah Palin is a 33. None of these results surprise me.

    I LOVE numbers 🙂

    • As our life is a play, every person that comes into our frame of reference is playing a role, so it is now wonder that Sarah Palin and Joe Biden are playing their roles. As you say, no surprise at all.

  5. For years everytime I look at the clock it is 11:11 or 1:11 numbers of exits 111 etc. I was trying to figure out the significance. I had not seen my father in 15 years all of a sudden out of the blue he called me up and wanted to meet. Of all days, he picked Jan 11th at 1pm. 1/11 1. 1111 odd I know. Anyway I just recently looked at my birth certificate and found out I was born at exactly 11:11. What are the odds
    Anyway if anyone out there has any advice or comments, please email me at

    • I am amazed how many resonate with this article and have the same questions. The way I see it is that it is time for more and more people to wake up to the fact that there are many things we don’t truly understand. The world is changing right before our eyes and we are part of it. So it is best to stay open minded and go with the flow. Pick the things you resonate with and leave the rest alone. You are right where you are supposed to be.

  6. hi my name is sarah and i came across this page while i was googling about seeing double numbers, it was a few months ago that i started seeing 11:11 very often sometimes every day, and then 12:12 etc, today i started seeing 18:18 and its a dead loved ones birthday today the 18th dec i lit a candle at 18 mins past 6(18:18) on my mobile clock when i looked after lighting it.
    I dont know why i started seeing double numbers but i would like to know why me, why only now, and what do they mean for me.
    Ive read numerous pages today on google about this 11:11 etc and im confused as everyone has there own take on what it means………
    i would just like to know why only in the last few months do i see them and what does it all really mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Double digits are wakeup calls, we a programmed to respond to them. The reason you only seem them in the last few months, is that you are now ready to receive the codes. Things in your life are changing and the double digits are telling you that you are on the right track.

  7. This is pretty scary. I also have been seeing 11:11 for about a year. It seems like whenever the digital clock in my bedroom, cable box, stove, coffee maker or microwave shows 11:11, it catches my eye. My numerology number is also 11. The total of the last four digits of my cell phone (1316) and apartment number (137) also adds up to eleven. It is also very interesting the the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 is 11:11 universal time. I am really starting to believe something physically or spiritually is going to happen on 12/21/12, the day the Mayan calendar ends.

  8. I read about the mayan calendar and read that alot of wiccans and mediums believe this to be true, that their is a world spiritual awakening when the mayan calendar ends.
    Im a spiritual person always have been, but im not afraid to admit that i find it all a little scary, so i read a lovely article by someone who also believes this and they say a prayer to the universe for things in the world when they see double digits so ive started to that now and i feel better for it it doesnt answer my questions but it helps xxxx 🙂

  9. I have been seeing double digits for about 6 months now. Its always on the clock. No matter where I am. I see double digits (ex..11:11, 2:22, 3:33). I know there must some significance and it bothering me to know what this means. Can some one please help?

    • I have that information on my old site. Haven’t gotten around to move it yet: Numerology

  10. I find this very interesting.
    Kevin, could you please tell me of other sites or books for further enlightment.

  11. I’m glad you all commented on this article. Each and one of you drop knowledge into my spirit that will take for the rest of my life and to get a better understanding as to what is happening in our world because something definitely changing. Hit me up on the email or twitter. Love to talk with like minded people.

  12. hi everybody i was wondering if we all can get in touch with each other and try to slove this out for all of us we all have been seening this number and till today every single explantion we got is not 100% confirmed so i thought may be we must meet up and unit and share our story who knows may be that’s the last way to try !!

  13. I am one of those, one of you crazy spirits. Since 2001 I have been seeing 11:11 , 33 , 44, all the time everywhere. If anyone can help please write me.

    Love and light

  14. Its worth Sharing for those Who Can Consume 11/**/11…
    One to One
    Face To Face
    A Man’s A is a Man’s A

  15. Hi Kevin, I just read your long e-mail. Very interesting. I have recently started seeing 11:11 on my digital clock and wondering what it means if anything. I’m rather a deep person and like to dabble in the unknown or unexplained. I think I will start writing down my experiences after I see 11:11 to see if I notice unusal events. Again, very interesting reading.


  17. For about 8 years I have been seeing the 11:11 or 1:11 numbers everywhere. At first I thought it was funny, then I thought it was weird. by this time I started looking for the meaning of the 11:11 phenomena. Some say that we have to make a wish,so I did and you guessed right, nothing happened. Then I read somewhere that my consciousness was evolving, nope!. Then a gateway to a higher place, nada!. So I started to look around for correlations between the numbers 11:11 and thing around my life and I noticed that either a good thing happenned or that something that might be of my best interest would happenned and that soon after it happened I stop seeing the numbers. This happens every time. I see the numbers and I know something will come my way. For example, 5 years I was going to move to another state. Before that happened I started seeing the numbers and when i moved they stopped. It was then that i noticed this sequence. Not all of the event were life changing. Sometimes it was a chance meeting, a phone call or just even a good time with friends. So in my experience the 11:11 or 1:11 numbers might mean that you have to pay attention to the things that are happening around you, because something different will happened. Like i said before maybe this event could as mundane as having a good time with friends.
    If you are asking for a more metaphysical answer of why this is happening, whose behind this, well I dont. I just know that it happens and we can take advantage of the numbers and be prepare for the unexpected.

  18. I have seen 1111 most of my life. Its usually around when I am questioning what I am doing. Or during big changes.

    Two of my closest friends where born on 11/11.

    I have always smiled when these numbers occur and remind myself that angels are listening.
    Recently I have had two verbal 1111 signals which came from my radio. This really made me look and think. I have never heard of that happening but I figure that perhaps I was taking the 1111 wake-up as common place.
    What are your thoughts?

    • I believe that the urgency of the 111 wake-up call has gone up a notch. Maybe we are reaching a stage when changes are just around the corner and many more people need to be reached for critical mass. We sure live in interesting times. Enjoy the adventure!

  19. I have been experiencing 11:11 or 111 or 22 for over 25 years. I took a while for me to figure it out. My first loves birthday 11/11; best friend 1/11, my bithday 4/22; the day I found my dog 1/1 (exactly what I had been waiting for over 5 years)… not to mention seeing 11:11 or 1:11 or 2:22 or 4:44 on the clocks around my home (microwave, computer, alarm clock, car clock. Even seeing 111,111 or 111 for mileage on my car (while I had been crying and needed an answer) just as I pulled into the garage. I never forced anything to happen … it all just would happen.

    The only time I was desperate for an “immediate answer” was while dating a boyfriend. I was terrified of getting hurt … and was quickly falling in love with this man. I was standing in a restaurant parking lot talking with him, and at the same looking around for a sign that it was ok to love him. It was ok for me to go with my feelings and to trust him. To my amazement I saw 111 on a license plate in that parking lot. The I realized … it was HIS license plate. 5 1/2 years later we were married at a beautiful 1500 year old castle in Europe. We are now married for over 3 years. … and I love my life with him.

    I discovered that when I would ask for guidance (is this good for me?) from God. Or ask for a sign … these numbers would show up. They only showed up when something good is going to happen or when I am supposed to move forward. It had stopped for a while, now it happens everyday like it used to.

    I never knew, until today, that so many other people experience this as well. For over 25 years it has meant wonderful things for me. I can only believe that our guides love to communicate with us in this manner to show their love and guidance. Blessings, Michelle

  20. I am glad I am not alone. I have been seeing 1111 for a long time too. I feel it is a message but I have no idea what. Sometimes I see it several times a day on different things. It just pops up all the time.

    This is really weird. My birthday is 11-11 and next year my birthday will be 11-11-11 ! I looked ahead and see it is on a friday. I am a feeling a little weird about it, like is something going to happen on that day? Or will i be given an enlightening message or something?

    I try not to jump too far in thinking it is something spiritual because it could just be a coincidence and seeing the numbers could be my subconscious keeping track of time and attention getting patterns.

    Oh well, if you have something that may calm my nerves about my upcoming 111111 birthday, I would appreciate it.

    • not sure what to tell you Peggy. Maybe by the time next year come around you will have a better understanding of what it all means. In the meantime just enjoy every day for what it has to offer.

  21. I have been seeing 11 11 everyday now for a few months i look at my phone each day at exactly 11 11 without thinking about it i don’t know what it means?

    • You are being awakened. 11 and other double digit number are codes that trigger us. I suggest you read all the information about those number on my site here. If you are still curious after that do a Google search and enjoy your adventure.

  22. Joan Hanson-Taylor

    The oddities in Numbers most doubled for me and my husband. My Husband worked for 33 years and retired. He was born in 1944. He is 66 yrs. old. He ownes a 1966 Chev. He ownes 1988 truck. I am 55 yrs.old. All these are in this year 2011. My madian name is Taylor, I married Hanson and he passed away and I married again to a Taylor. Not only is this odd but folks we tell have never heard of so much (Double Numbers)that are happining to us this year. We play Wii Bowling at home, we tie all of the time. We have been married for 5 years. We have experience and have seen things most would never see in their life time. I received a message from God, angels, I know it was holy, about the (DDidgets)this year for us. I know I am suppose to tell the world or show the world something but don’t have a clue how to do this. I’ve asked for guidance to show me how to do this and I need more information. I am still waiting. I need for all of this to be decoded. But what I am about to say is strange. We could be the only couple, on earth to have this many (DD)for this year. I know folks have a few (DD) to happen to them in a year, but not like this a folks agree with us that it is very unusual. I am searching to see if anyone else has ever had so much (DD) in a year with their spouce. Any advise would be greatful. Thank you.

  23. I see your point, good job, can’t wait for more posts
    stegna noclegi

  24. Im quite intrigued by some of the above posts.I have had a great number of encounters with the 11-11 occurance. I Recently took a profound interest in Angels after reading the book by lorna Byrne. During the time of reading the book i had been going through some difficult times,and feeling like i was without direction.The book had lot of refrences to angels and advice on how to welcome them into your life . I did,as i would be quite religious this was non-conformoist and something i was slightly apprehenive about. As of that point the 11-11 became more and more frequent …and at the time my boyfriend when i mentioned it to him began to observe the same. We often viewed it as a blessing in some way but for me now and then it was almost like a sign that i would be helped. There was alot went on in the relationship,things i was too proud and too ashamed to admit, and a time where i felt i had lost all goodness and innocence i had it was due to how he made me feel . So i get the sense i was guided away from there. As of recent thi is happening a lot again … i feel like im not where im supposed to be but in a strange way i am being advised that i will be guided. I think 11-11 is Our gaurdian Angels reassuring us that we will overcome any difficulities we may be experiencing at that time. I also have dyscalcula (similar to dyslexia)However this is just with numbers . Like the above theory on the Fibonacci i tend to understand complexities as there is somewhat a reason and/ or definition to them ….. so there-for i look for meanning and pattern in simple numbers ie, 11-11 . Lets hope the apearance of the “balance” (this is what 11-11 reprsents for me ) enables me to find my way and for some positive change to find its way back into my life 🙂

  25. How about the number 18? All.i know is…my birthday is february 18 and my son was born at 6:18pm…. I see the number 18 everytime I look at my clock… I need answers please

    • It is like all numbers, there are some that we are more partial to and that is very personal and different for each person. I can’t tell you why that is so for you, you will have to figure it out for yourself. All I can tell you is that 18 adds up to the single digit 9. Explore the meaning of this number and then see how you resonate with the information.

  26. I always see 11:11 time on the clock.In my Office UK time,USA time,Japan time,Indian Time etc. is displayed.Each and every day i never miss to see 11:11 time on every clock just by coincidence.Why is it so????
    When I go to sleep the time will be 11:11 almost all the time!

  27. We can not save the Other. The Other must save themselves otherwise we are perpetuating the savior/martyr myth. That which comes is the dream manifest, a new aeon

  28. Kevin, love your write up. I want to clarify that the “They” who want us asleep is simply us (i) doing it to ourselves. The conspiracy is our own. We conspire to keep ourselves asleep. This is the battle with the ego that has not died to itself and is slave to desire. Once subjugated, it serves the eternal will. Satan, dominators and every demon archetype is simply the ego seeing itself as separate from God. 11:11 is beyond “They”. “They” creates the triangle of savior in Us. Also an illusion which leads to perpetuation of religiosity.

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