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numerology universal and personal years

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Where astrology is based on the movement of the planets, numerology is based on the numbers and letters. Numerology goes in cycles of 9. Each year in the cycle has a number from 1-9 associated with it. Taking the analogy of a farmer planting a field it would go as follows.

  1. The field has been planted
  2. The seeds are germinating
  3. First shoots are showing
  4. The little plants are growing nicely
  5. Critical time for the plants, they will either grow big and strong or die
  6. The farmer nourishes the plants by fertilizing it
  7. Farmer is patiently waiting for the plants to mature
  8. Just about there. The plants show what they will look like when they are ready to be harvested.
  9. Harvest time and time to prepare the field for next year’s planting.

Converting the current year into a single digit gives us the Universal Year Number. The Universal Year describes the general trends and influences for the year.

(Example: 2010=2+0+1+0=3 The Universal Year Number for 2010 is 3)

Year Numbers

1 Year of new beginnings 6 Year of taking care of others, responsibility and obligation
2 Year of integration, patient development 7 Year of Sabbatical, quietude, examination and analysis, looking within.
3 Year of active social life, get out of rut, communicate 8 Year of taking control of your life, being tested and evaluated
4 Year of taking care of business, putting down roots 9 Year of endings, tying up loose ends, letting go.
5 Year of speculation and enthusiasm, breaking free

The Personal Year by contrast describes the trends and influences that are affecting us personally. Figure out your personal year by adding the current year and your month and day of birth


2010 current year
June (6) = month of birth
13 = day of birth
2010 + 6 + 13 = 2029 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 9 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4
The personal year 2010 for the person born on June 13 is #4

Your Personal Year

Find the description of your personal year below
#1 Year
#2 Year#11 Year
#3 Year
#4 Year#22 Year
#5 Year
#6 Year
#7 Year
#8 Year
#9 Year

The One Personal Year – Follow Your Dreams

This is the year to follow your dreams. You are starting a new cycle. You are beginning to fill the pages in an empty book, and the plot is up to you. You will be more motivated than ever and open to new ideas. You will find that when you are on the right track things will almost magically fall into place for you. So, don’t stand around and wait for things to happen. This is the year when you make it happen or you might miss the boat. You will notice a strong urge to change directions and won’t be afraid to try something new, so let go of the past and let the adventure begin. You are in control and ready to take charge. Make a list of your goals and follow your impulses and visualize what it is that you want in your life. Whatever direction you are going, whatever you do it will be with you for the next 9 years. In this one year your life will revolve around you and it will be hard to include others if you are not aware of this.

Taking the analogy of a farmer planting a field, time to plant the field.

The Two Personal Year – Cooperation

After going it alone and doing it your way during the last year, it is time to shift gears. After a busy number one year you are ready to slow down and catch your breath. Cooperation and patience are highlighted. Only this way can you continue the work on what you started last year. Pushing things right now will only cause trouble as now is the time to pay attention to details, after all the planning and effort you put into last year. Be ready to wait and don’t let it bother you. You are integrating, joining the aspects of your new life with the aspects of your old life. You may be more sensitive than you’re used to as you are not quite so sure of yourself yet, but that will come as the cycle progresses. As the number 2 implies things will go a lot smoother if you involve others. So share your ideas with others and listen to them and be available. Relationships will play a big role in your life in the next 12 months and you are ready now to include a special someone in your life or to let go of one. Responding to the needs of others will come naturally this year.

Taking the analogy of a farmer planting a field, the seeds are germinating.

The Eleven Personal Year – Spiritual Focus

If your personal year adds up to an 11 you will have both the influence of the 11 and the 2 in your life. The number eleven will influence you to filter everything through your intuitive, spiritual and inspirational focus. You feel the urge to contribute to humanity and will be an inspiration for others.

The Three Personal Year – Express Yourself

After the two year of integration and inward focus you are now ready to practice what you have learned. You will feel a strong urge to get out of a rut and want to have fun. Your social life will increase substantially this year. You can’t wait to express yourself and your creative juices are flowing full force. You are ready to include others in your life and want to expand your focus. Your increased activity brings you also recognition and with it the danger of spreading yourself too thin and will put pressure on your pocket book. Spend your money wisely. Your outlook in general will be very optimistic and you might come up with all kinds of “crazy” ideas and feel restless. Because of your urge to go madly off in all directions, you will find it harder to get things done. So focus on the things that attract you the most. When unsure as to where you’re going and having to make important decisions it is best to take a wait and see attitude. When you’re absolutely convinced it is the right decision go for it. In the meantime take full advantage of this very creative time in your life. Communication and creativity on all levels is highlighted this year for you.

Taking the analogy of a farmer planting a field, the first shoots are showing.

The Four Personal Year – Taking Care of Business

This is the year to take care of business. So now down to the nitty gritty. You are ready to settle down and put down roots. You want everything organized and in its place. This is not a gee, I have to do it, but great, now I can do it and really enjoy the work. You are making plans and goals and accomplish them. The results will be flavored, however, by your intentions. Is your outlook only for yourself or for the greater good of everybody? Depending on your choice your accomplishments will be totally different. You act very responsibly this year and what you set out to do, you see through. You are planning for the future. In any dealings you have it is important to get to know the facts and not to take risks. Your focus is on mending and repairing rather than daydreaming. You’re more self-assured and trust your instincts and don’t accept others opinions as easily. But at the same time respect other people’s opinions as equal and don’t criticize them for being different from yours. Having to work on something you have already done will bore you and make you feel confined. So keep an eye open for new projects that challenge you. There is no way getting around budgets and routine this year. Keep your promises and work through difficult situations. Next year will be much freer. Don’t let the restrictive feeling bring you down. When the year is over and you look back you will be proud of what you have accomplished.

Taking the analogy of a farmer planting a field, the little plants are growing nicely.

The 22 Personal Year – Serving Others

If your personal year adds up to an 22 you will have both the influence of the 22 and the 4 in your life. The number 22 will influence you to filter everything through your intuitive, spiritual and inspirational focus. Your goal is to be beneficial to others and humanity on a large scale.

The Five Personal Year – Change and Surprise

You are smack dab in the middle of the 9 year cycle and in dire need of a break. You have this strong urge to break free and change things and try something new. You need a change of scenery. Change will be all around you and so will surprises. Things will happen when you least expect it and when you do expect it will turn out totally different, especially in May and September. But, watch out for change for the sake of change only. Avoid impulsive decisions and don’t burn your bridges. Stay flexible and count to 10 before making any decisions that will have lasting effects that you might regret your impulsiveness. It will be very easy to go overboard this year after the restricting 4 year. Socialize and promote yourself and your projects. Your enthusiasm will be catching and attracting people. Guard against overindulgence and use your energy wisely. Following rules will not appeal to you this year. Finding a new job or having an affair are just two of the many possible scenarios for you this year.

Taking the analogy of a farmer planting a field, a critical time for the plants, they will either grow big and strong or die.

The Six Personal Year – Nurturing

Family, friends, coworkers all fall under the heading nurturing this year.

You will take a backseat to family and friends. It is a time to take care of your family and everything that comes under that heading, your family, your community, country and the earth. The spotlight is definitely on domestic matters. Home and hearth might not be quite to your liking if you have many “Threes, Fives or Ones” in your numerology chart, but that’s the hand you have been dealt this year, so make the best of it. You might have to deal with marriage issues, good or bad. Buying or building a house, having a baby, getting married are all possibilities. You are giving back to others what you have received. This is a time for generosity, forgiveness, growth and maturity. You will be able to counterbalance this domestic focus by finding new outlets for your creativity.

Taking the analogy of a farmer planting a field, the farmer nourishes the plants by fertilizing them.

The Seven Personal Year – Reflection

It is somewhat of a sabbatical year for you. After the 6 year where you took care of just about everybody else, this is the year to pause and take care of yourself. Look for answers inside of you rather than looking to others for answers. You have been going strong for 6 years now and time has come to look back, analyze and integrate everything. Take stock of what has been working for you and what you have outgrown. Observe with detachment what no longer works for you and ask yourself if you have outgrown it. Time has come to let go. You are slowly and patiently progressing. It is not a good idea to rush things this year. Place your focus on your skills and refine them. You feel a new sense of self-worth and a new maturity. Move forward slowly and with patience. Money is coming your way if you are willing to wait, pushing will not help. If you are tired, it is a sign telling you to slow down and bring back balance in your life. Things outside of your control may force you to slow down, if you don’t do it on your own. In partnerships and marriage there could be conflicts arising, but taking a step back and reworking agreements will bring things back on track. Remember what is happening is meant to be that way. Enjoy the tranquility of this year as next year will be very hectic.

Taking the analogy of a farmer planting a field, the farmer is patiently waiting for the plants to mature.

The Eight Personal Year – Test and Evaluation

You have done your reflecting last year and now you are switching from looking inward to looking outward. You are manifesting what you have worked on during the past 7 years. The physical world with its material issues, career and worldly accomplishments will take up a lot of your time. You are ambitious and now you know your strengths and are willing to take on more challenges. When things get getting hectic you have a better understanding now as to what needs to be done. You are confident, feel fit and know where you are going. You will be tested and evaluated. So go for it and keep in mind that being organized will make life much easier for you at this time. You will get the recognition you deserve after all the hard work you have put into it. Money will be a big lesson with income and expenses running neck to neck. Money owed to you might also find its way back to you. It is a great year to sell or buy property and investments. You are attracting abundance. Lock forward toward the future and not the past and your mistakes. Setbacks are only temporary as obstacles are opportunities for growth.

Taking the analogy of a farmer planting a field, just about there. The plants show what they will look like when they’re ready to be harvested.

The Nine Personal Year – Graduation

You are starting the last chapter in your 9 year book. The cycle is coming to an end and like in the 7 year you will find yourself focusing much more inside than outside. This is the time of fulfillment and completion so that you can move freely into the next cycle without extra baggage from this cycle. Expect changes in many areas of your life: job, marriage and lifestyle. It is time to tie up all the loose ends, but don’t start anything new just yet, especially between January and September. By October you will already notice the influence of the new cycle and it is OK to make major decisions. This is the year to let go. There will be people and things that have served their purpose and it is time to let go and move on. Clean out your closet and make room. Try out something you’ve always wanted, but never quite got around to it. Listen to your intuition, be generous, stay open minded and maybe even take that long wished for trip. Be tolerant of others and yourself. It is not the time to be petty, nagging or depressed. Go with the flow and enjoy wherever it takes you. You have completed a full circle, but it is not a circle it is a spiral. You are at the same place as 9 years ago, but on a higher level. You have grown.

Taking the analogy of a farmer planting a field, harvest time and time to prepare the field for next year’s planting.

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