What Phone Calls Does Your Telephone Number Attract?



Based on Numerology what type of calls does your telephone number attract?

Business call or personal call, is the person on the other end of the line someone you really want to talk to? Just as a name projects a person’s or business’ image a telephone number makes a non-verbal statement about the conversations to expect.

The following information is based on the study of the meaning of numbers – Numerology.

To find out what your phone number says, you have to reduce the seven digits of your phone number by adding them together until only one number remains and then read the corresponding number meaning in the list that follows.

Example: 528-1803

5 + 2 + 8 + 1 + 8 + 0 + 3 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9
In this example 9 is the final digit and the correct meaning to read

  1. A [ 1 ] is not ringing a lot as more outgoing calls are made from the [ 1 ] line than calls coming in. Conversations are always on specific topics and usually about ideas. Calls tends to be long or short, but always will come to an abrupt end when all that was needed to be said on the subject was said.
  2. A [ 2 ] line is very busy with shared confidences and words of mutual support. Exploring feelings and understanding them or being understood keeps the conversations going. When you are calling a [ 2 ] line use tact and sensitivity as it is quite an emotional number.
  3. A [ 3 ] line attracts a lot of social chatter and be prepared for the occasional confusion when talking. The main subjects discussed will probably be creative projects, how to spend money and having fun. Every conversation is with a friend, brand new or tried and true.
  4. A [ 4 ] line is the heart of a home or business to ensure practical management is its primary purpose. Conversations are down to earth and tend to smooth out the wrinkles in the subject under discussion. Expect reliable and good-natured advice.
  5. When you have a [ 5 ] line, no two calls will be the same. How could they be when its personality changes continually? Expect lots of phone traffic with this number, both incoming and outgoing. The conversations will be quick and sure to provide the needed information.
  6. Family and friends are drawn to the number [ 6 ] most often. This is a number for those in need of service. The talk is nurturing, comforting and responsible, though at times it can be out of the realms of reality. After all, six is an idealist.
  7. The [ 7 ] line indicates privacy, yet it makes and receives a significant number of calls. It is best not to repeat the conversations as they have secretive or unusual overtones. Exercising the intellect is a must.
  8. This number is all about business, even if it is a home number. The person or business with an [ 8 ] line comes to mind first when someone is mulling over a decision. Once business is taken care of, community affairs and family needs fill up the rest of the conversation.
  9. This line is ringing constantly, as much with good news as sad tales. These conversations enlighten, entertain and require actions as the number attracts all types of people and topics. The common thread is the need to share and be understood. The [9 ] line attracts opportunities and contact from powerful people.

What about the Area Code?

How does the area code fit into all this? Area codes cover an entire group of phones in a particular location in the network. This three digit number provides the backdrop for the seven digit number discussed above.

Reduce the three digits of your area code number by adding them together until only one number remains and then read the corresponding number meaning in the list that follows.

Example: 289

2 + 8 + 9 = 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1
In this example 1 is the final digit and the correct meaning to read

  1. area codes dislike dependence and are set apart from others. This is the number of individualists and leaders.
  2. area codes prefer an environment of mutual support. This is the number of the diplomatic, sophisticated and shy.
  3. area codes like bright colors, bright lights and lots of good friends. This is the number of the always charming.
  4. is the area code of pleasant communities that are well organized. This is the number of the practical and grounded.
  5. is the area code for those whose main priorities are always moving forward, progress and free speech.
  6. is the area code for those who work hard to create a perfect community where everyone thrives. It is the number of the idealistic and dependable.
  7. is the area code for the intellectual and the curious. It is the number of the proud, reserved and self-reliant.
  8. is the area code for those who understand the value of the dollar. It is the number of the wealthy or poor because the community is important to all 8’s.
  9. is the area code of philosophers providing humanistic service with compassion. The [ 9 ] is a group at its best.


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