A different way to look at the pressures of daily life and how they affect us. I saw this in a newsgroup and thought it was a cool way to look at it.

Have you been under pressure lately?

Have you dropped yourself into the heart of the sun?
Have you been sucked into a blackhole that has swallowed galaxy upon galaxy?
Have you wandered the backlots of your heart for years looking for the door in?

Have you raised your consciousness from the sea of inhumanity,
Only to have it dashed on the rocks because the lighthouse keeper thought you could fly,
And didn’t light his lamp to guide your way through the treacherous reef?

Have you been so desperately in love that you thought you didn’t exist anymore?
That your body was so light from giving you couldn’t possibly be real, that your reality had been given completely to another?

Have you sat, tormented for days by circumstances whose meanings were indecipherable, but whose outcomes meant emotional life or death?

Have you torn at mask after mask on your own face, and never seen the real you?
Have you faced the most evil of arch-enemies, and then in victory over them,
Discovered your own face under their mask?

If you have experienced these things, then you have also experienced:

The eternal glory of God, which is the Heart of God, and your own heart
You have navigated the seas of tranquillity
You have loved beyond earthly love
You have given beyond all gifts
You have looked to the depths of your soul, and there saw magnificent beauty
You have embraced your enemy and have become them, and they you.

You have been through the spiritual furnace of God, and the pressure has forged a diamond which is stronger and more beautiful than anything that went before.


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