Rune Spreads

Now that you have your runes, how are you going to use them? You can use the same layouts as you use in Tarot. Here are a few examples.

Ask the Norns

In Norse mythology the Norns were three female deities who spun thread and wove fabric to determine the fates of humans and gods alike. Often one of them negated the gifts of the other two or turned them into a curse. This reading provides yes-no answers to simple questions. Be sure your question is simple. Then choose the reading and evaluate the three runes to determine the answer. If you get WYRD as one of your runes, it is not yet time to judge the question or there are too many variables to receive a clear answer.

Here are 2 ways to interpret the 3 runes

Overview – Challenge – Action Called For

  1. First Rune
  2. Second Rune
  3. Third Rune
    Action Called For

[ Overview ] [ Challenge ] [ Action ]


Past – Present – Future

  1. First Rune
    Position one addresses the past, relative to your question. It shows what has led to your present state of mind.
  2. Second Rune
    This rune is for the present.
    In addition, rune 2 can represent your present STATE OF MIND.
  3. Third Rune
    Rune three looks into the future.
    It says something about the RESULT.

[ Past ] [ Present ] [ Future ]


5 Rune Spread

The 5 Rune Spread can help you to identify the distinctive features of a situation that might otherwise threaten or overwhelm you with its complexity.

  1. 1st Rune drawn
  2. 2nd Rune drawn
  3. 3rd Rune drawn
    Course of Action Called For
  4. 4th Rune drawn
    Obstacle (Surrender/Sacrifice)
  5. 5th Rune drawn
    New Situation (Opportunity)
  6. 6th Rune
    Draw a 6th rune to sum up the whole situation if you want to

[ Overview ] [ Challenge ] [ Action ] [ Obstacle ] [ New Situation ] [ Summation ]


originally posted on June 6/2006 at the old website


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