Simple Tip to Change Your Reality

dreams vs reality

dreams vs reality

Do you feel stuck and have been trying all kinds of ways to make a change? This video by Christie Marie Sheldon offers you another tip on accomplishing change.

If what you want is not in line (congruent) with your beliefs, it is just not going to happen. You have to change your beliefs to be in line with what you want. Well, that is easier said than done. Everything in our universe is based on frequency and if your personal frequency is just a tad off, it is like listening to a station on the radio that is not clear because you have not fully tuned into it. By turning the dial and getting the station head on it becomes loud and clear. By fully tuning into your frequency you will suddenly attract your dreams and desires with ease.

Watch the video, give it a try and then leave a comment below and let me know what happened.

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