Star Sign Qualities at a Glance

I have started rereading Linda Goodman’s Star Signs book and rediscovered this nice summary of the star sign qualities.

Sign Positive Qualities Negative Qualities
Aries courage and innocence rash, impulsive behaviour
Taurus patience and stability stubbornness (patience turned inside out
Gemini versatility and mental alertness irresponsibility
Cancer protectiveness fear and possessiveness
Leo nobility, generosity and love arrogance
Virgo exquisite discrimination critical hair-splitting
Libra fairness and justice indecision
Scorpio depth of knowledge revenge and retaliation
Sagittarius honesty and idealism blunt speech
Capricorn endurance and wisdom coldness and ambition
Aquarius prophetic vision and tolerance unpredictable behavior
Pisces compassion and enlightenment evasiveness, timidity and deception
the zodiac

the zodiac

Now 20 years after reading the book for the first time I am also considering those qualities not just for people but wonder how they apply to businesses and in addition to the ascendant and moon of a birth chart.

I would love to hear from you if you have used this information in regard to when you started your business and if it is applicable?

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