The Collapse Story

July 24, 2005
I received this article with the Innerwealth newsletter. The article is by Dr. John F. Demartini

I have been asked many times by many people as I travel around the world, how did I ever come up with the ‘collapse process’? This brief story is my reply.

About twenty years ago, while in my junior year at the university of Houston, I shared a room with a dedicated physicist from Taiwan. Our entire floor that we lived on was in fact full of physicists and engineers. Some were beginners like myself and others had their Masters or Ph.D. degrees. Often many of us would stay throughout the night and up until 2:00 or 4:00am in the morning working on problems and paradoxes in biology and physics, particularly on the topics relating to cosmology. My roommate and I both had goals, to receive a Nobel Prize for our contributions to the unified theory.

Besides being committed to conquering the disciplines of biology, biophysics, mathematics, and chemistry, I was also committed to mastering, those of genetics, psychology, theology and astronomy. For all of these disciplines and many more, were certainly my loves. To be not only a man of letters, but a man of Wisdom, was one of my aims.

I set out to discover the primordial Essence of Creation, the driving alchemic Source of evolution and the electromotive force of God’s actions.

I worked day and night, reading everything I could get my hands on, ranging from reference texts and magazine journals, to the newest research articles and abstracts. I spent hours, days and even weeks and months at the Science and Research Center and the Library and bookstores. I studied the micro world of atomic physics, through to the macro world of astronomical physics. I devoured everything I could, attempting to keep up-to-date and to expand beyond the edge of existing paradigm.

During those intense hours of study I came across vast amounts of incredible research on the topics of gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces all under the grand topic of quantum physics. Much of this research refereed to the ‘collapsing’ of wave/particle functions.

For some reason this term had a special meaning for me. I came to realize and appreciate the advanced Wisdom of the Ancient Hermeticists and their understanding of complementary order and harmony. I realized that for every particle there existed a complementary non locally related anti-particle and that if you ‘collapsed’ their wave function, they would both turn into either Light or new particles. I rediscovered the thermodynamic laws concerning energy (spirit) and matter, but now form a new quantum level. I knew there was something special in this principle and sensed that Consciousness was somehow related.

When positive and negative charges ‘collapse’ or when complementary particle and anti-particle energy events annihilate each other, there is birthed both Light or new complementary particles.

The secondary particles birthed conserve the same amount of energy and matter. The difference being, the resultant particles exist on different octaves or intervals of vibration. The magic to me was in the overall conservation. The secret was that the resultant outcome can be Light in the form of photons or other secondary waves/particles. I thought of these as simply imponderable energy or Spirit and ponderable matter.

While it was the nominated Nobel Prize Laureate Freeman Dyson who believed that Consciousness was a “cloud of ‘charged’ particles of Light”, it was the third century Gnostic, cosmologist and theologian Mani, the founder of Manichaeism, who claimed that man was either ascending or descending and was emanating ‘particle of God’s Divine Light.’ Plato, though he played with the dialectic or the mind’s alternating ‘charges’, he also synthesized their two poles into one of a complement. From Plotinus of Spinoza, creations and expansions of this Spiritual Light was man’s aim.

It seemed too easy. To be able to Create Light simply by ‘collapsing’ complementary wave/particle functions, was something I could easily accomplish. I was in Heaven. I was also diligently studying theologies at this same time. This study was birthed partly from my own Love and gratitude for the Creation, but also something Carl Sagan mentioned on his TV series “Cosmos”. That was, the tie between the Ancient Hindu Texts or the Vedic Hymns, and the particle Light physics of cosmology.

My studies in theologies revealed the correlation’s through time between the Deities of the many world religions and the Infinite-Universal or finite-particular Light. God was not only the Word, the Verbum, and the Logos, but also The Light, in fact the Divine Light.

A Spiritually Enlightened Being was often depicted as One filled with Light.

‘Christ’, the Illuminated mind, was called the ‘Light of the World’. The high priests and adepts of many ancient mystery schools were called, ‘The Illuminated Ones’ or ‘Illuminati’. In the beginning it was said ‘Let there be Light’, ‘Fiat Lux’. Even the earliest tribes and cultures looked to the Heavens of Space and to the wandering or fixed stars of Light for their guidance and Source of Life. The very term Deity and ‘Dia’ have their roots in Light.

True religion and True science are one in the same. Both are linked to and manifestations of the One Light. The Light of metaphysics and physics are interwoven. They are joined by waves and particles. They are the Imponderable and ponderable partners.

Together, True sciences and True religions embrace and create life’s missing link, for they are the sub-components of the unified theory.

Since I was also intrigued with Philosophy, or the Love of Wisdom, and psychology, the study of the mind, and believed that all disciplines were connected by hidden or revealed energy-matter interactions, then I knew that the projected expressions of Mind, Intelligence, or Consciousness were simply ones of Light. Spiritual awakening ‘to the day of Light’ and ‘reflective’ mental awareness are both ramifications of this same Light. Therefore, the linking of the many disciplines was starting to fall into place.

As a result, instead of focussing only on the unified theory, I now superimposed another goal. I made a commitment to link religion and science together. This objective, though it has been immensely expanded since its inception, is still on my goal list today. I wanted to find out more about the common denominator between religion and science and express it in the form of a practical process.

I desired to create a ‘scientific ritual’.

Upon a deeper study of the sacred theological mysteries, I made an important discovery. These theologies simply involved the Light physics of astronomy personified. All the theological mysteries were astronomically based. A profane, superficial scan of the world religions can hint to this Truth, but only a deep and profound investigation of the mystical and more sacred theologies, will solidify it. ‘Theos’ means that which causes motion, that which circulates, ‘Theos’ was considered the unmoving central astronomical mover. Now, the Gods, the Galaxies and the Stars were beginning to play on the same team.

If the rational and mathematical science of astronomy and the intuitional and Inspirational ritual of religion were expressions of the Primordial Light, then ‘collapsing’ the wave/particle functions of this Hidden and revealed Light, would be the secret pathway back to the Origin of the Astronomical and Immortal ‘Theos’.

I pondered, could this be what the Unconditional Love of the Divine Creator means. Could this Love be evolved from the ‘collapsing’ of wave/particle functions.

The very term religion stems from ‘re-lig-ion’ meaning to reunite or rejoin the ions. The ions in this case being the charged particle and antiparticle events. Or in Psychology the bi-polar ‘charged’ states of emotion.

Pondering one day upon the mysteries of life, Biblical Genesis appeared vividly in my mind. Since I was seventeen Genesis spoke to me. Through similar to many ancient creation myths there was something special about its hidden implications. If Divine Creation were to manifest man, from hidden Adam to the revealed earthly human Adam, it would have to do so in descending order.

This order and the physics of Light must somehow be one.

I remembered meeting a man a few years earlier at Wharton College outside the entrance to its library. He was just standing there passing out religious tracts to by passers attempting to convert them into his faith. As I was about to enter the Library to finish reading the series of copies of the original writings by Ghandi, he approached me and asked me not to enter. I asked him why. He said “because the library is an evil place.” He told me, “to go into this building is to enter the Devil’s chamber.” He said, “the only book you ever need to read is the Bible.” He said, “I have read all those other books and they were of no use.” I asked him how he had read so quickly these many volumes, since he couldn’t have been more than twenty years old. He said, “that is not important.” I realized that this man probably hadn’t even read the entire Bible himself.

This moment was significant, since it revealed to me the value of not limiting myself in my investigations. It also catapulted my deeper investigations of the many theologies. He stimulated me to reread the Bible. So over the next few years I read it eight times straight through, again and again. I wanted to understand it. That’s why I later began translating and rewriting the Bible, as well as earlier inclusions and the many intertestamental writings.

The Book of Revelation, Genesis, The Book of Isiah, and many other Ancient biblical Scrolls point directly to astronomy. Religion and science are not separated as so many less informed and dogmatic followers have unwisely imagined, they are blood brothers. Particularly if you consider the wave/particle function of the Light of our Sun as the Life Blood of our Solar System and the Sun’s solar particle winds or ‘Breath,’ as its electrical circulation. The Christ sacrificing the Blood for all of us earthlings might have deeper occult meanings.

True Religion and true Science are one. True Love and True Light are One.

The keystone solution to the unified field theory in science and many theological mysteries in religion, is Love, and ‘collapsing’ the wave/particle function of Light and rejoining the resultant complementary charges is the secret to their solution. The Mystery underlying religion is Light. The pinnacle of religion is Love. The reuniting of the ‘emotional ions’ is the secret behind the Sacred ‘science ritual’, or the ‘collapse process’ of Love.

I realized the vast difference between the conditionally ‘charged’ and ‘ionic’ states of emotion, and the Unconditional, ‘Charge less’ and ‘Transcendent’ state of Love. The former were shallow, reaction orientated, and induced creature-like attractions and repulsion’s; while the latter was deep, purposeful, and action orientated, where man served as a Co-creator. Unconditional Love was no longer limited to the opposite of dislike, it was evolved to its True Essence which is much grander.

Unconditional Love was now the synthesis of like and dislike, infatuation and resentment, attraction and repulsion, or in Essence, the Union of all dualities.

While I was working on my Doctorate in Chiropractic, I began writing a book that explained the existing correlation’s between astronomical and atomic physics and the contrasting, illusive dualities underlying physical sensory perceptions. In this book I explained how perceptual illusions altered health and disease states. I discussed how each of our body’s many sensory receptors or receivers responded to certain electromagnetic frequency bands of ‘Light’. I also explained how human perceptions were a result of these wave/particle interactions.

I realized then that Unconditional Love has the ability to transform man’s brain. It can alter his higher neurosynaptic pathways responsible for attuning him to Genius and Wisdom. It can myelinate these pathways with every moment of its expression.

During my research, I came across the works of the contemporary Mathematician Bucky Fuller. In his world of geodesics he claimed that the pinnacle and driving force of evolution was love, which had, as its foundation, the organized Light events called tetrahedrons. What he called Syntropy, was this Love based on evolutionary force that returned man to the Greater Infinite Heavens. What he called entropy was the fear-guilt based, disordered state that runs man down to finite hell.

The Love Light of Syntropy is the secret key to opening the heart’s gateway to Grace. The ‘collapse process’ is Syntropy at its finest and the healer of all healers.

While correlating the geodesics and tetrahedrons of Light with the many astronomical or solar theologies, particularly the Old Testament-Genesis and the New Testament-First Book of Corinthians, I discovered something that the fall of Genesis was the entropic descent of Divine Light from the Infinite to the finite, from the Greater Ordered to the lesser ordered. I also saw more clearly the correlation between Mind, Light and Psychology.

Since ‘mana’, ‘manu’, ‘mani’, or ‘man’ means Light or Mind and Adam means first or primordial, then in the first man’s or Adam’s fall, as described in Genesis, there is implied the Infinite Light being projecting or descended into finite form upon the earth. Here the Universal is being projected into the particular, or ‘Light particle’. Here the true, present love is being projected into the illusive realm of time and space, or future imagined fear past remembered guilt sates of mind. The Earth’s orbit, spin and angle of axis inclination are partly what determine man’s solar and sidereal perceptions of time and space.

When the first androgenous ‘Adam’, was sown, the primary separation from the Grace of God occurred. This separation became the primary boundary between ‘self’ (Adam or human Light) and ‘other’ (God or Divine Light). My studies of psychology revealed that the ‘self’ and ‘other’ though, are actually one, and are only the finite and infinite directions of the One Light.

When this androgenous Light called Adam became divided into Adam and Eve, the secondary boundary was begun. The masculine, active or wave dominated Light principle then became separated from the feminine, passive or particle dominated Light principle. The resultant particle and antiparticle Light was begun. I came to all these positive-commissions and negative-omissions of earthly life.

When Adam and Eve ‘fell’, projected, or descended further into the finite earth where the knowledge of the dualism called good and evil occurs, the tertiary boundary was begun. The transient illusions of relative good and evil as well as morals and ethics thereby originated.

I intuited that in order for finite man in the earthly human state to reascend to the Heavenly Abode of the Infinite Divine, that all three of these boundaries must be ‘collapsed’ and annihilated in reverse order.

The first boundary to be ‘collapsed’ for man’s return, is that of good and evil, symbolized by the serpent. The Serpent having deeper symbolism’s, represents the squiggle or spiral movement of Light. My studies of ancient religious symbols revealed that throughout the world the serpent symbolized this Light. The serpent of evil decent was the serpent of Light coming into form. The serpent of Wisdom (“Be ye wise as serpents”) was the serpent of ascent or the serpent of Light going out of form and back into unity.

The second boundary to be ‘collapsed’ for man’s return is Adam and Eve boundary or the illusive separation between the masculine and feminine, or the active commissions and passive omissions. The masculine and feminine energies must again be merged together in an alchemic union in order to obtain this Grace.

The third boundary to be ‘collapsed’ for man’s return to the Grace of God is the Paradise of Divine Space is the ‘self’ Vs ‘other’ boundary. By this union man may once again return to an ‘oceanic’ state, or one having the ‘seer’ , the ‘seeing’ and the ‘seen’ as the same.

The pieces of the cosmic puzzle began coming together. I wondered what would happen if I rejoined these three boundaries. Could I return man back into a state of Heavenly and Divine Grace? What would happen if I reunited the dualities of good and evil, male and female, and ‘self’ and ‘other’? Could I enact a retro genesis? Could I reverse the act of creation and by the birth of Light, initiate an act of evolution? I realized that by birthing the ‘collapse process’, by originating this ‘retro genesis’, and by initiating this ‘scientific ritual’, man’s ascent could be vastly accelerated.

I pondered the repercussions of truly returning man back to the Light of Grace, of truly linking science and religion together and of truly solving the riddle of ultimate unified field theory?

The ‘collapse process’ was becoming a greater discovery than the so-called ‘Big Bang’ or ‘Big Crunch’. It was one that enabled man to discover his ultimate destiny, the one of Light.

Thus about eight years ago the ‘collapse process’ had its inception and about six years ago the first completed procedure was complied. But as the years continue more and finer details are being discovered.

Now after eight years after thousands of ‘collapses’ and after demonstrating beyond doubt that man can experience Grace, the ‘collapse process’ is at the forefront of the psychological transformation era. It works no matter what. It works every time. It works regardless who, what, when, where, or why? I now can take anyone back to a heavenly state of Divine Grace. No matter what their past or present situation, it works.

There is no crisis, nor traumatic event occurring on the earth that the ‘collapse process, if completed, cannot take a person through, and return them, through Gratitude and Love, to state of Heavenly Grace.

I realized that I had truly discovered the solution to the grand unified field theory and that this theory was based on the Essence of Unconditional Love. This Love was the missing essence at the forefront of the theory. It was the force that unites all forces. It was the glue that holds the universe together. Unconditional Love was the Light that holds the quantum particles of creation in a state of unified symmetry. When quantum particles merged they birthed further Light. Light was the Unconditional state of Love and its darkened form was its state of condition.

The secret key that unlocks the Minds door which closes off this Unconditional Light or Love, is the ‘Collapse Process’.

Upon reviewing Newton’s work on celestial mechanics and his concepts of gravitational attraction and ‘radiational’ repulsion, I realized the profound depth and reverence he had for this Divine Intelligent Light and its interplay with latent matter. He was a very devout man. He believed that there was something of a higher spiritual and conscious nature behind the motions and interactions of Heavenly bodies. His inverse square law pertaining to gravity was the reverse of the law pertaining to electromagnetic Light intensity. He differentiated the ponderable particle from the Imponderable wave, the inertial’ matter from the ‘energized’ Spirit. His wings helped me confirm the ancient Hermetic Axiom which stated that, “Spirit without matter is expressionless and matter without spirit is motionless;” the two being as inseparable as two lovers in an intimate, yet cosmic dance.

Newton’s Imponderable,’ Spiritual Light, predominates in what I call the Unconditional state of Love. His ‘ponderable,’ material particle predominates in what I call the conditional state of love. The former is of a higher vibrational nature, and is relatively formless, the latter is of a lower vibrational state of nature, and is relatively formed. The Imponderable Light of God and the ponderable matter of the ‘Goddess’ is all therefore just different vibrational states of Love. This Love between the God and Goddess is the source of creation.

The Source of Creation is therefore a state of Unconditional Divine Love in Grace.

As the jigsaw puzzle began fitting into place concerning Light, Love, Spirit and matter, I became even more inspired and realized that I was going to call my ‘sacred ritual’, not only the ‘collapse process’, but also the ‘retro genesis’, and communication between themselves and others. I realized the power that Love offered to people. I realized how love was the secret to all true-hearted communication. Since the pinnacle of communication was not just between individual people but between the human and the Divine or between the finite and the infinite. I realized that I had found the key to the True Holy Communion. True science and religion kept remaining inseparable. They were one and the same. As my investigations probed deeper into the mysteries of life, my appreciation for the Divine magnificence unfolded. All of my teachings therefore have been directed to this aim. I have become a science-priest.

Unconditional love became the keystone of all my work. It became the source of my inspiration. It became the secret underlying Wisdom and the fuel for firing genius. Upon investigating the term ‘Wisdom’, I discovered that Wisdom was the Grateful and Loving Light of the soul speaking through the heart of man. A genius was one who obeyed its divinely inspired messages or visions. A Genius is one who acts confidently upon their Inspirations. A Genius does not react doubtfully to their Inspirations, they don’t have fears or guilt about them, they just act upon them. They are inspired. They are grateful. They actualize their Souls Inspiring messages and visions. A Genius is an inspired being walking the path of life with the enlightened Wisdom of their Soul guiding their life. They are beings who radiate the ‘collapsed’ Light of Love.

The ‘collapse process’ became a means for unveiling man’s true yet hidden Genius.

The ‘collapse process’ became a vehicle for man’s Spiritual Illumination; a tool for his unfoldment; a means for the blooming of his Sacred Wisdom. It offers man the ability to turn his reality into actuality, his transient forms into his Eternal Essence, his many illusioned personas into One Truthful Being. It’s many variations allows man to transform, transcend and Truly Radiate..

Since I was seventeen years old I have dedicated my life to the quest for Truth and Understanding. I have committed to the research of Universal Laws. For over two decades I have dreamed about discovering new insights into the secret Source and origin of life. I have been on a mission of developing Genius and Wisdom in myself and others. I feel life has molded me, guided me and prepared me for this purpose. For this I am truly gratefully.

About twelve years ago during a meditation my inner voice revealed to me a message. A message that brought me tears of inspiration. It said that I was to build a great Mystery School. I also saw a vision. It was the statement, “and they came the world over.” The date that came through my mind was AD 2054. This vision and message or calling has motivated tremendous action. The voice provided me with the name of my school. The name was the ‘Concourse of Wisdom’. At that time the ‘collapse process’ was still not yet formalized. My skills as a philosopher and healer were in their infancy. I was a pupa not yet with wings, a rough diamond not yet polished. I did though begin my school. The Concourse of Wisdom was birthed. As the school unfolded there was a missing link not yet found. Finally eight years ago when the ‘collapse process’ began coming together, I was able to plug in this most significant piece.

I felt destined to build this Concourse of Wisdom. I felt I was designed to link these dualistic boundaries. I was advised when I was fourteen to develop Wisdom. I was told when I was seventeen I would be a Genius who would apply my Wisdom. Wisdom was my calling. I was to birth not just a new religion, nor just a new science, but a mystery school of Wisdom uniting the metaphysics of both.

There are the religions and there are the sciences, but there are few if any schools joining them. The Concourse of Wisdom as well as the ‘collapse process’ was for this purpose.

When I discovered the ‘collapse process’, some of the illusions underlying transient and localized, human morals and ethics surfaced. I began investigating the morals and ethics of Plato, Epicteteus, Kant, Hume, Dewey and many other masters in this discipline of study. I studied the morals and ethics of the many world cultures. I realized that all these morals and ethics were different. I noticed that every culture had a complementary anti-culture somewhere and some when on the planet. Every good had its evil to balance; Symmetry is resigned. I found that what some called good others called evil. Human morals and ethics where at best transient illusions, thought necessary by each society, yet the very source of that society’s origin and demise. I found that each of the morals and ethics were based upon limiting emotional boundaries of an individuals or social groups misperceptions. I realized that, the greater the Wisdom the greater the simplicity of Light or Love, and the lesser the Wisdom the greater the number of fragmented rights and wrongs, goods and evils. Fundamentalism was the finite and illusive base of life; Unconditional Love, Wisdom and Universalism was at its Infinite pinnacle.

The ‘collapse process’ opens up the gateway of man’s heart and allows the Universal Infinite Law of Love to and Light to shine.

At each stage of man’s conscious evolution, I found there existed a temporary limiting spherical boundary. Since man’s Mind is Light, it obeys the spherical inverse square law of influence. The human body and brain acts as a receiver and broadcaster of the Mind’s Light. When man experiences an Enlightening and Inspiring idea filled with Gratitude, his realm of influence expands in proportion to the intensity of Mind’s Light. The greater the inspiration, the greater the Light. The greater the Light, the greater the vision and calling in the heart and Mind of man. Man’s emotionally reactive morals and ethics are based on his limited understanding of the Divine master plan, or the Magnificence of what is, as it is. Man tries to impose temporary constrains and dictums on a universe that is doing fine and that is built on the non local Symmetry of Love. Though man collectively cannot restrain himself from this illusion at the present stage of his existence, he is destined to eventually do so. The greater the magnitude of space and time within man’s inner most dominant thought the greater his stage of conscious evolution.

An expanded Mind of radiant Light expresses its Beauty and Loves.

When man discovers the Perfection that already exists, and the equilibrating Laws of compensation and correspondence, man will humble himself to the Divine Creation. In so doing he will solve the human will – Divine will paradox and act as a co-creator within the divine Plan using Syntropy and entropy as his tools.

Instead of one fraction of man condemning another fraction of man, those with Wisdom will know that what man condemns and attempts to destroy he only creates and promotes in some other form. What man annihilates he generates. What he kills, he births. The illusion is that he can defy the law of Symmetry. Although locally in time and space he may appear to, non locally, he can’t. The Divine Order resigns regardless of man’s illusions.

The ‘collapse process’ is a gift to the world.

The ‘collapse process’ enables those living with outer illusions the means to discover the Inner and Hidden Truth. Love is all there is. All else is the illusion. Thank God.



  1. Wow! What in depth submission and it follows my own belifes that light is indeed the engergy force that allows us to be us. In many scriptures the words “children of light” appears with no particular explanation. In the Buddist mantras of dying it strongly reccomomends that at the point of death you must direct your mind towards the “searing bright light.” The creation of light by the colapse process does not explain what light is, other than an energy force. Anything more on this?

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