The New Teacher

teacher - learning
teacher – learning

By Lord Meru – Brother/Sister Hood of the Seven Rays – PERU, through Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

You’re not going to like the new teacher. They will ask you questions instead of giving you the answers. They won’t tell you how to think, they won’t tell you which path you should be on, and they won’t tell you what to do. They will tell stories instead of preach, and let you arrive at the answer that is right for you.

The new teacher will not make your choices for you. The new teacher isn’t here to carry your weight on the path either. The new teacher inspires you to gain strength and confidence, so you can walk that path on your own. They want you to be independent; not dependent. They want to walk with you . . . not have you follow behind them.

The new teacher will not limit your possibilities for the new teacher knows that there are a multitude of paths all going to the same destination. For this reason, the new teacher will never say “my way is the only way”. The new teacher wants you to awaken to the God power you have inside. The new teacher will never offer a student a spiritual shortcut. The new teacher is a hard core realist. They know that spiritual progress usually comes step-by-step over time and with dedication, but they are also open to the magical fact that spontaneous awakenings happen, and do.

The new teacher will never make negative prophecies, because they understand that in their position that they can influence many people. If they influence others into a state of fear, they also know that they block them from their ability to access truth from Spirit. The new teacher also understands the power of the collective consciousness. They know that by putting out negative predictions that it will influence the entire collective fabric and create limitations; thus making our work at this time unnecessarily harder. They know fear stops you from hearing inner truth.

The new teacher won’t be impressed by gifts or compliments. They’re not acting as teacher to boost their egos, or to prove how enlightened they are, or to create a following. In fact, many teachers don’t want to be teachers at all. You might find them in the most unusual places. A teacher might be a downtrodden character sitting next to you in a little café, or you might find the teacher in a place you might expect, like a conference. The new teacher will be every where, or could be anybody. God works through all people and in countless ways.

The new teacher will not try to win you over by promising you spiritual phenomena or with grandiose visions. Spiritual phenomena is a form of metaphysical entertainment. It might be fun, but it doesn’t get you very far on the path. Spiritual phenomena may or may not show up around your spiritual teacher, or you. If spiritual phenomena does enter your path, enjoy the journey. If it doesn’t show up, enjoy the journey anyway!

The new teachers are not status oriented. Status, or titles, means one person is better than another and creates a separation. Status or title empowers one, while it dis-empowers another, and this is not acceptable. The new teacher, won’t be impressed by who you were in the past, the experiences you have had, or how much you know unless they are relevant to the present situation. They won’t be much impressed with your degrees, titles, and exalted positions. They don’t care about your genetic heritage, how much education you’ve had, or who you have worked with. All they care about is who you are right now. The new teacher will be real with you, and hope that you will be real back. After all, who we were in the past is just that . . . the past. That was then, this is now. All they care about is where your heart is now, because nothing else matters but NOW.

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