There Is No One Outside Of Self

I posted this article on the old site on September 14/2005

I came across this and just had to share. As much as we think that we are each separate from each other, we are actually all one. We are many of one. Each one of us is a spark of the creator.

we are all one

we are all one

The work you gave yourself to do is to awaken from this dream of life. Having assumed the limitations of the flesh, you will awaken to your true identity and become your own glory when the outer you is made passive and the inner you, dynamic. Now, the son of perdition is the belief in loss. Knowing that all things exist in the human imagination, nothing can be lost. When you realize this truth, you will no longer believe in loss, thereby fulfilling scripture.

The most difficult thing to grasp is that there is no one outside of self. Believing others needed to change, I worked on them, thinking that the world would be so much better if they would be different. Then I awoke and sanctified myself, and in so doing, they were sanctified, for I dwell in them and they dwell in me and we are one. There is no one to change but self. As you control your thoughts and allow only those which conform to your ideal to flow from you, your world will reshape itself in harmony with them. Remember, you cannot be aware of a fault or greatness in another were that fault or greatness not present in you. Remove the fault from your own "I". Place the greatness there and watch your world change as it reflects your change in consciousness.

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