Why Are We So Quick to Blame Others?

Why are we so quick to blame others? It is because it is so much simpler to point the finger than look in the mirror.


graphic credit: grafika.mcuniverse.com

The things that annoy us the most about others, are often the things we can’t stand about ourselves. As the saying goes: “the mirror hit too close to home”. If we would not have a problem with something, it would just fly below our radar and would not bother us.

But because we are not willing to deal with it ourselves, we point the finger and put the blame on somebody else. Can you imagine how our world would change, if everybody to responsibility for how they feel and for their actions? It is time to make a change and stop the blame game and be responsible for our actions.

It got the inspiration for this article from this short video by David Childerley.

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